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i'll tell you what i've heard


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Apr 22, 2012
Some people say there's a star nearby where is a very friendly kindom. There the habitants can be of one color or several, stained, marbled, waby or straight. Long-haired, with broomrape, with a pink lip and another black. Nobody cares, because there are no issues of race.
It's a very happy community, since small they go to musical school, so they all dance, sing and do stunts. But what really makes them happy is the food and being together.
Its seems that to remain a community so happy, God imposed a condition.
They have to send envoys to other realms to teach their way of life and spread happiness to other civilizations.
The envoys stay some time with the hosts, they receive all the love they can give and sents all the vegetables they can receive, and care and pampering. Having completed the goal, God returns them to the community, where according to legend, they're still playing and dancing together until they are send again so the cycle repeats.
They say that those who are touched by the love that these characters emanate never heal, and transmit them to other individuals by various means regardless of color or species.
That... Is what our piggies say when they sing like birdies at dawn.

Source: Wheeky Club. (broken link removed)

[GuineaPigCages.com] i'll tell you what i've heard
aaww I love that. I had to read it twice.
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