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I'll see you again!


Cavy Slave
Oct 19, 2015
It breaks my heart to say this but my little Dixie passed away at 11 o clock last night! I had rescued her from the animal shelter and I did everything I could to make her life as comfortable as possible! I loved her unconditionally and it breaks my heart that she is gone. She took a piece of me when she left. But it gives me some relief to know that she is no longer in pain and she is relieved of all her pain and she is free! I will see you again one day Dixie Pearl!
Rest in paradise, I'm sure she is grateful for the great things you did for her and the memories you two made. Even if your time was short, it was appreciated and I know she loves you for it. Sending prayers and piggie kisses your way. x
She's so lucky you gave her a second chance at life by adopting her from an animal shelter. Bless her soul, and yours as well, for giving her another shot at life. I'm sure she enjoyed her time with you and lived you as much as you loved her.
Thank yaw so much. You guys don't even realize how much yaws words mean to me right now. I don't know exactly why she passed which has me being hard on myself feeling like its my fault :/ but I'm happy I had the opportunity to get her out of the shelter and in to a home that loves her so much
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