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Rumblestrutting If only one rumblestruts?


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Feb 5, 2012
I have 2 young brothers, around 4 months old, who are still figuring out the dominance thing. No major fighting. There's some head rearing, but only one of them, Templeton, rumlestruts and mounts the other one, Kevy. For the most part, Kevy either ignores him or will put up with with a little bit of mounting. Every once in a while, Kevy will lunge at Templeton and Templelton will back off. Im just curious if the the rumblestrutting indicates that Templeton will eventually be the dominant one?

I have to say the rumblestrutting really cracks me up because Templeton is trying to look so tough and then Kevy just ignores him.
No advice here because I am still figuring out the rumblestrutting thing too, but I just wanted to echo your sentiment about how funny they look when they rumblestrut!! Our big boy, who has always been so sweet and docile, looks like a Sumo wrestler when he rumblestruts! The little guy is not impressed at all...and doesn't act the least bit scared. So funny to watch!
The rumblestrutting is a sign of dominance. Templeton is trying to show his brother that he's the boss. I have a female that rumblestruts and mounts the others, too. It's sort of funny because she tries to intimidate the others by doing that. My senior lets out a yell whenever she does it. My lowest ranking one occasionally does a half mount on the senior and runs off. My males never mount one another, though, so it leads me to believe it has more to do with their personalities.
Yes, most likely Templeton will wind up being the boss. It's good that Kevy is backing up/ignoring Templeton, as problems arise when neither pig wants to back down. I have three boars and Charlie is the dominate one of the three. Thankfully George and Frank are happy to just let him be the boss. Even after being together for months, he still rumbles at the other guys when he thinks they are in his way, and they just look at him and move on. Charlie will even lay his fat butt in front of one of the hideys or litter boxes to "claim" it. It would be annoying if he wasn't so stinking cute:D
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