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Ice Cubes & Pine Cones


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Jan 28, 2012
Last night I was getting myself a glass of ice water and decided to give my 2 girls an ice cube to see what would happen.

Wow, did they go nuts! I ended up having to put 2 in their cage because they were stealing the one from each other. They spent a good half an hour nawing and licking the cubes, was so funny. ❤️

I eventually took them out once they startes melting into the fleece.

I also baked some pinecones and they loved those also....so I am happy to have found 2 new and FREE toys for them!

Just wanted to share lol
hmm, we're going to try an ice cube right now! And take a bag on our evening walk. My daughter will be thrilled to bring so many pine cones home :)
My 4 year old daughter had a blast helping me pick the perfect pinecones. :D
Then she helped me bake them (about 30 minutes @ 200 degrees).
Great idea with the ice cubes! I just emptied out the ice maker yesterday so there are some nice, fresh ones to try out on Borat and Amy today.
I'm gonna give Lizzie and Marie some ice cubes today since it's so hot outside (90 degrees ) where I live and my bedroom is usually the hottest room in the house. It's not unbearable for the piggies and I keep my fan on so it stays pretty comfortable but they would probably enjoy the ice cubes. I'm gonna give them one after I do their weekly full cage cleaning. I might try the pinecones too since I have 2 big pine trees in my yard. Thanks for the ideaslol
I'm gonna give Ginger an ice cube right now! Will be back with results :p
Hm, are pinecones safe?

I give my pigs ice treats when it gets warm (though we live underground now and should be cool this summer). I put some cilantro,bell pepper, maybe a few blueberries (as a once a week addition) into a food processor and freeze them. I do let them thaw into more of a Hawaiian ice texture. I don't want them to chip their teeth on solid ice. It's a big hit with my pigs!
lol Just gave Ginger the ice cube and she LOVES IT! When I first out it in, she started munching on the end and every time she'd take a bite it'd scoot a little bit forward so it looked like she was chasing it around the cage! Haha now I'm just listening to her haha but she like munches on it for a few seconds then walks away...then comes back...then walks away again...lol
so, i forget where is saw this, so i can't give credit - sorry. but i take 3/4 of a cucumber (OR kale), 2 carrots, a small slice of apple and some water. i rough chop the veggies, put them in a blender with a little water and "blend." not too much water, just enough to make it the consistency of baby food, i guess (the veggies will still be pretty chunky). then, take an ice tray and spoon some of the mixture into each cube, stirring each time because the water tends to separate out from the veggies. cover with saran wrap and freeze. once they're frozen and ready to serve, rinse them under warm water for a few seconds to soften them a little bit so the pigs don't chip their teeth. Viola! PIG-sicles!! :D
Last night I was getting myself a glass of ice water and decided to give my 2 girls an ice cube to see what would happen.

Wow, did they go nuts! I ended up having to put 2 in their cage because they were stealing the one from each other.

I'll have to try that..I know 1 of our guinea pigs a tiny bits of his Popsicle..

I also baked some pinecones

How long to you bake them for and at what temp?

Just wanted to share lol

Thanks for do so
OMG! So cool! (no pun intended) I will def try this.

Scarlettraven-does cooking the pine cones destroy germs and creepy crawlies? What about the sticky sap?
This is amazing! Will have to try!!!
For the pinecones I baked them at 200 degrees for 30minutes on a foil lined cookie sheet.
From what I understand baking them "sterilizes" them.
It should get rid of any sap and other stuff.
Mine didn't seem to have much sap...I assume because it's just started to warm up here.
Is it safe if they eat the pin cones?
Is it safe if they eat the pin cones?

From what I understand it is as long as they are sterilized.
If anyone here knows differently please let us know!
uggg didn't have time to do it yesterday since I ended up changing their piggy bedspread out at night oh well I'll have to give to them today can't wait to see their reaction.
The ice cubes didn't work so well for me. I gave the girls some in two bowls, and they didn't even sniff them. Harmony did drink some of the water once it melted, but then she flipped the bowl over and got water everywhere. I need to try the pine cones though, I have a bunch of pine trees in my backyard, and therefore I have a ton of pine cones.
I've seen pine cones that were "steam sterilized" for sale for bunnies and pigs. Mostly on species specific web sites, and i know the rescue person i got my buns and pigs from uses them. I do think they are safe as long as they're baked.
I tried ice cubes on Amy and Borat during floor time today. Borat was like "meh," but Amy licked and played with hers a little bit. She was in her pigloo when I put it in her playpen, so I snapped a photo when she poked her head out to investigate:

[GuineaPigCages.com] Ice Cubes & Pine Cones

I've seen the pine cones for sale so I'll buy some next time I make a supply run.
I have been cooking pinecones for my babies for a long time but afterwards i usually
cut the spikey part off does anyone else do this?
Because I was afraid they would get hurt by the spikes.
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