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Iam New here !


Cavy Slave
May 2, 2012
Hi , My name is kim,

I live in south carolina. Im glad to be apart of this group. Ive had guineapigs in the past . In a couple of weeks Im going to be getting another guinea pig. I will be getting my first girl piggy. so any name suggestions will be appreciated or if you know of any name websites.. please let me know. I recently had a piggy to pass away his name was smores he was with me from jun.2007 until april 2012

Great to be apart of this group <3 :)
Welcome to the forum! Where do you plan to get your guinea pig? Also, you should get a pair, as guinea pigs are social herd animals that do best with a buddy. :)
Thanks for your post. I plan to get it at petsmart. I cant afford an adoption place right now. The cage I have I dont think its big enough for two. Im a stay at home mom so I will have pleanty of time to hold , pet it an love it. Every guineapig that Ive ever gotten has lived alone an did really well. do you know of any good websites for choosing a name for a guineapig?
Actually, most adoption places have you pay much cheaper than you would at PetSmart. Or, you may not have to pay at all. Also, have you checked Craigslist, Petfinder, or kijiji? PetSamrt pigs come from breeding mills, and are often missexed, unhealthy, and/or pregnant. Of course, not ALWAYS. But by buying from there you are supporting breeding and 1 in 5 guinea pigs dies because they are bred.

Have you thought about making a C&C cage? Check out the home page of this site.

Sure, your lone guinea pig probably did very well. But he/she would have done MUCH better with a friend.

The only name site i can think of is this one: Guinea Pig Names

Also, check out that entire site. Along with www.cavyspirit.com and www.guinealynx.com.
No I havnt checked any of those places that you called over. As for as a c&c cage I dont have a lot of room where I live at so I could get one of those. Yep, may be true they do better with a buddy but I dont have the space or the money right now to get two piggies. The last guinea pig that I had came from pet smart he never was sick are anything an I got him in 2007 an he passed away last month . thanks for your advice an help.
As for as a c&c cage I dont have a lot of room where I live at so I could get one of those.

My house is quite tiny as well, but I made it work. I'm sure there is SOMEWHERE you could put it. Maybe people here could help you, we've done it many times before.

Yep, may be true they do better with a buddy but I dont have the space or the money right now to get two piggies.

Please read here: Guinea Pigs Social Life and here: Guinea Pig Companionship

The last guinea pig that I had came from pet smart he never was sick are anything an I got him in 2007 an he passed away last month .

Again, please read here: Pet Stores and Guinea Pigs and here: Choosing a Guinea Pig
I dont live in north carolina. I dont have the room for a c&c cage. If I had the room I would. Im being honest here I really dont know what else to tell you. I cant afford a C&c cage an I cant afford two piggies right now. Once again thanks for your help an I appreciate your interest.
The others have given you great suggestions on cheap adoption sources. I only paid $10 for my Borat from an animal shelter, and Craigslist piggies are often free or very cheap and come with supplies. The problem with pet stores is that many sell sick pigs. The adorable baby in my avatar, Mufasa, came from a pet store and was dead in 15 days of a URI he had when I bought him. Borat and Amy, who I adopted from Craigslist, are both healthy, happy piggies.

I'd love to see pigtures of Smores if you have any. If you can't do a C&C cage right now, are you planning to put your new piggy out into a playpen for floor time? That's a great way to give them an opportunity to run around, popcorn, and generally enjoy themselves.

I originally only planned to have one piggy, but I'm really glad that I got two because it's so adorable to see them interacting (although mine are limited because I inadvertently ended up with a boy and girl, so they always have to have a grid between them).
Welcome to the forum. I hope you find a lot of useful info here-I know I have. We worry here about pet store piggies-there have just been too many sad stories and emergency posts about health care issues with them. Also, this is an anti-breeding/pro-adoption forum, so you might get some heat for going the pet store route. Keep browsing the forum, I think you'll find that most cages are built rather cheaply, much cheaper than store bought cages, and there is even a section for non C&C cages. Just something to think about in the future if you find some room somewhere. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it here.
thanks for your reply.
You mentioned you couldn't afford a C&C cage. They are actually much cheaper to build than pet store cages and are much more spacious - both a plus for the happiness of the pig.

You mentioned not being able to afford adoption fees, as others have mentioned, many adoptions are less expensive than pet store prices and you are saving a life rather than funding breeding mills.

You mentioned not having enough room for a C&C cage. That's the great thing about them, they are adjustable so that you can make sure they fit wherever you need them.

This is not to mention that a petstore cage will start to smell sooner because it's smaller. It's a glorified litter box since the pig has to eat, sleep and pee all in the same tiny space.
Thanks for your reply to my post. Ive said all that Iam going to say. I can only do what I can do. Ive been honest with everyone on this forum Its seems that you all cant seem to except it. Its true I cant afford a C&c cage, I dont have the room for one of those an I cant afford two guineapigs. Like I said before If I could afford to do these things I would But I simply cant. I just have to go with what I can do an afford an right now that is what I can do. A regular cage an one guineapig. Thanks for your post
To make a C&C cage, you need grids and coroplast. One box of grids costs $18 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Coroplast can be bought any just about any sign store for fairly cheap. So the whole thing maybe costs $30 if even that. As opposed to a $50 store-bought cage that is a lot smaller than a C&C cage. You would be paying LESS for a C&C cage than you would for a store cage and it's better for your pig.

It's not that people aren't accepting what you are saying but many people when they are starting out, don't realize how inexpensive is can be to build a C&C cage versus how expensive a store-bought cage is.

A store-bought cage costs MORE than a C&C cage. So if you have the money for a store-bought cage, you can afford a C&C cage. You are paying LESS for MORE space when you build a C&C cage.

Just something to think about - if you are saying you cannot afford a certain cage, have you thought about how you would pay for a vet visit when the time comes? Have you thought about all the supplies that are needed? Can you afford the fresh produce and the hay that pigs need?
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Ive had other guinepigs.. I know about the cost of vet bills, i know about the cost of the supplies. yes i can afford the vet bill, the supplies an the fresh hay. Idont have the space for one of those cages. I dont have the room for a C&C cage/ I undertsand they are better an more room. but I dont have the space in my home for one. I dont know why you all keep going on on about it. Iam deleteing my account. Getting on my nerves.
People just want to make sure your guinea pig is happy and healthy. Nobody is trying to be rude to you at all.

I know you have experience with guinea pigs, but as you read you may find that there's more up-to-date information on their care here. That's no to say you're a bad owner- you just didn't know some of these things. A lot of us were mistaken about their care until coming here. It's nothing to be embarrassed/ashamed over. We're only human.

Guinea pigs need another friend of their species. It's not our opinion, it's complete and honest fact. They also need a decent sized cage to reduce their chances of health issues. You're very lucky your previous pig lived a long and happy life, but the next pig you get might not be as resilient and more prone to the issues small cages can cause.

If you can't provide these things for your guinea pig, maybe we can help you choose a different kind of small animal that will suit your lifestyle better? That way both you and the pet can be as happy as possible!
how do I go about deleting my account on here. I just dont feel like that I belong here afterall. ty for your reply
They don't delete accounts. Perhaps you can just take a little break and think on all of this for a bit?
A lot of people are resistant to the information here at first. Some think it's just extreme because it's more than they are used to doing.

Others have come here saying they want to do a C&C but they don't have the room. They got ideas from people here and realized that they could rearrange their furniture or make an L-shaped cage to fit along a corner.

I do hope you change your mind about buying your pig from a petstore. They are notorious for mis-sexing pigs, sending people home with sick pigs or pregnant pigs. Even as of the last month or so, people have posted on here about how they bought their pigs, not knowing that they could adopt, and the pig got sick and died within a week of bringing them home. Or they bought what they were told was a female to be a friend for their other female. But the "female" turned out to be male and now they have a pregnant female.

Pet stores also fund breeding mills which backbreed their females to exhaustion, until they are no longer useful then toss her aside.
no im done here.. Iam not coming back anymore. You people dont understand .. are maybe you do but you keep on on at someone after Ive told all of you what I can an cannot do. No I dont need your help finding another pet instead of a guineapig. Imsorry that I have to be this way.. but its just crazy. I understand that the C&c cages are so much better than a store boughtone. I get that, I also understand all the things that guineapigs need an I will be able to do these things. But when somone says that they cant afford something then they cant, I dont have the room in my home for one of those kind of cages are the money. second of all I simply cannot go to another state to adopt a guineapig. Ive always bought my piggies from petsmart an Ive never had one bit of trouble out of any of them. none of them have never been sick an all lived a long life. I just wish you all would think about what im saying. Im done here. bye everyone on here.
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