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General i want to keep the babies...


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Apr 2, 2012
heres my cage(not set up) and my tatty teddy collection!! it is 122cm(48 iinches) by 122cm(48 inches)
[GuineaPigCages.com] i want to keep the babies...

my piggies have had babies this past week
[GuineaPigCages.com] i want to keep the babies...[GuineaPigCages.com] i want to keep the babies...and a ginger curley texal which i havent got a picci of yet...

all the babies are boys and ive got girls,

i have a space (that will be cleared) thats 160cm(63inches) by 130(52inches) and i want to turn my two cages in to two on the same level but joint if that makes sense, like one big cage but with a divider down the middle

will this be okay?

whats the best way for me to use my space?

any ideas on decorating it?

im so desperate to keep the babies theyre so cute and all different breeds, i just wondered if it would be okay for them all??
I'm sorry I cant really help you but the babies are gorgeous. I think if you split the cage the way you say, it should be fine. The one side will have a bottom level so that would be fine for the girls i believe.

How did you make that cage? It's great and it's really nice. I would love to have one like that instead of the c&c cage made out of grids.
if you saw it close upi you wouldnt be complimenting it haha! i had the wood cut at b&q then nailed it together, im awful for changing my mind sooo its not great for that haha! i want it to look somthing like this... i just seem to run out of time for decorating! :D Candy Cherry home - Guinea Pig Cage Photos
I would just like to mention your cage looks great, about your guinea pigs, I think it depends on them. Some male guinea pigs will do fine, with female guinea pigs around, however others don't. I have heard that male guinea pigs can go crazy if they can simply smell the female guinea pigs but not get to them. If there was a way for you to have two cages, and be able to place the other one away from the female cage I think that would help. Hope this helped, and I hope you find a way to keep all your guinea pigs.
thanks, i have found them all homes(as soon as i knew they were pregnant i decided to find them homes to stop me keeping them) but ive still fell in love with them ahah
Baby guinea pigs are cute, so are you not going to keep them anymore ?
I still think it looks great. I don't think you did a bad job at all. Now all you gotta do is decorate it. But I agree with what guineapigs2468 said. If you have room, I'd put the boys and girls in separate cages on opposite sides of the room if you can because if and when the females go into heat they give a certain smell/chemical and may drive the males crazy and they may want to get to the girls. Good Luck and I all goes well and you figure this all out.
If you have 3 boys, I don't think that will be enough space unless your cages are two levels with girls on one level and boys on the other.

My math shows that the cage space would be close to a 4x3 C&C (a tiny bit larger if you make your own cage without grids and it takes up the entire space). Divided in half that's a 2x3 and not nearly big enough for 3 boys. Good luck!!
im not sure, i might have the cage done into two and keep and ear open for any rescue ones:) i am definately going to have the cage made in to a big one on the other side of the room, i think thats a job for daddy though haha
that doesnt make sense, i may be confused ahah.. each cage level is 12ft squared which is just over the 2 x 4 grids.. i want to combind the two levels

hope ive not confused anyone
@abi.25 that's funny. I was wondering what the dimensions of the cage is. I'm thinking of making one as well and would like something to guide me with so i have an idea of how big I should make mine. I currently have 2 girls and a boy in 2 c&c cages. I suspect that one or both my females are pregnant and I would like to make it big enough for them. My name is Alicia and Thanks.

I hope everything goes the way you would like it. GOOD LUCK lol!!!!
measure the space you have for it then work out the maximum height ect for new levels, thats what i did, i just didnt consider that id want to move it... ahah please feel free in pm me if i can help! :)
LOL ok thanks. I will do. Thanks again
@abi.25, if you remove the ramp, you can keep girls on the top and boys on the bottom level. I've had my stacked cage with 2 boys on top and a neutered boy and a girl on the bottom. The boys on the top never fight.

I'm recommending that your boys be on the bottom cage just in case you need to expand. You can make it a full 4x4 feet square instead of the L shape.
thanks for the advice but i struggle to clean the botton so i want it all raised, also im only tiny so wouldnt be able to reach across lol:)
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