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Upper Levels I Want Kitchen To= BATHROOM


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Dec 18, 2011
Hello everyone!

OK, so here is the scoop:

I have 2 hay mangers, and 2 food bowls. I have 1 hay manger on the top level, the 1x2 loft, and 1 manger down below on the 2x4 base level. The same with the food bowls.

Now, I have 2 mangers because I heard that it is a good idea to have more than one. And I have to food bowls because I heard the same.

I really want them to use the bathroom mainly up in their kitchen/loft area. So would it be OK for me to put both mangers and food bowls up there? I know the idea of having both is so they can get away from each other if they want to, but I could but 1 manger on one side and one on the other, and one food bowl and one side and one on the other.

So can I put both bowls in the loft area and both mangers in the loft area to contain mess and make that their new litter area? They used their old litter boxes nicely, so this should work if I do it.
I don't see why not, as long as it's not too crowded! You have to expect that both pigs will be up there when ever they want to eat or use the bathroom. That's basically the whole time! :D If you use a bent grid as a hay rack, you might be able to put it on the back wall (the one that is 1 grid wide. That way, the whole wall is hay! If they start fighting over it, then go back to two mangers. If possible, you could make the loft itself an L shape. So you have the 1X2 and then a 1X1 attachment farthest from the ramp. If you use the bent hay rack idea, then that little attachment can be the hay part and give the pigs lots more room. I hope it'll work!
How many piggies..?? Male or female..? I just expanded my loft.. Where there is a hay bin.. My girls seem a lot calmer now and don't rumble at each other while up there.. It's now a 2x3 on top..
When I had all my hay and food upstairs, my girls didn't eat as much hay. I decided I'd rather clean the bottom of the cage than pay for pig dental bills. :)
Thanks guys! I will try it first and see how it goes over. :)
I decided to put both bowls and mangers in the loft, but then I put a bag of hay down on the main level as well. :)
Ahhh.....absolutely right. In order for it to be successful, there needs to be room for both cavies COMFORTABLY in the loft.........and that's not the case with a 1x2 loft (mine). Invariably, Maya will follow Chester up to the loft, he will hog the litter box, and she will be left to leave me presents just outside the litter box. I'd prefer this not to be the case because she's the one who needs to be litter trained, not him. He's fully litter trained, but she's young and still learning.

In the loft I have a hay rack at one end OVER the litter box, and at the other end a water bottle and pellets. On the main level I also have a small water bowl because for some reason Maya prefers to drink out of a bowl while Chester uses the bottle.

I'm planning to expand the cage just a bit in the upcoming weeks, and will expand the loft at the same time. The concept works, but the loft just needs to be a bit larger.

I heard you say this in another thread as well. But personally I have not had any problems and mine is a 1x2 as well. Both pigs are female and right as I type this they are both in the loft eating Veggies, Pellets, and hay and are doing just fine.

I am really happy at how this worked out. The ramp situation is all figured out and I think that it is one of the cheapest options out there. The chewing of the plastic has become a problem, though, and I am working at fixing that. Which I have fixed for now, anyway! I should post this in the hot tips forum.
That's right! What did you do with the ramp?

I ended up just using the ribbed shelf liner and overlapped 3 pieces. Then I placed a piece of fleece under each overlap so the plastic could be sewn at the overlaps. I lined the ramp with it new it works like a charm.
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