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General I want!!! And questions about boars...


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Oct 9, 2011
I want these boys!! They are so so adorable...and neutered too!
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Could I keep 2 boars with 3 sows? Or is that ill advised?
why do you want these boys? yes, they've incredibly cute, but were you planning on adding to your family by adopting 2 more pigs? i only ask because i'm a pretty impulsive person myself, and i've learned the hard way that being impulsive about adding to my guinea pig herd is really asking for trouble.
I would like to add to my ladies, but I'm thinking more of one boy. I was also thinking that I could have 2 males and then the girl together, but do floor time (I do long floor times) and was thinking that if I got a neutered male pair, would they work well?

I thought I had seen somewhere that 2 boars werent' a good idea if kept with sows
i dont think it'd be a good idea to put both boars in with the girls if you got them...even though the boars are neutered and cant make babies their still boys and would probably fight pretty seriously over the girls
:( thats what I thought. Off to find a single boar then...
If they are both neutered, why not put 1 boar with 1 sow in one cage and the other boar with the 2 sows in another cage. The problems only arise if the boars outnumber the sows in one cage.

The issue about your reason for wanting these boys is a valid point. Did you see them and want them because they were cute? Or had you already been considering getting some neutered boys as companions for your girls when you saw these boys?

Are you prepared to go from having 3 pigs to having 5 pigs? Do you have the space? Are you able to build another cage?

If the woman in the ad is local, why not contact her and do a meet and greet with your girls.
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Either the girl in those photos is extremely skinny, or those pigs are enormous. lol
No no, I'm looking to build a 2X5 cage, with a loft, and have been considering adding a male pig. I have told my boyfriend- that will be the last one, a neutered male. I considered another female, but I hate to upset the pecking order that has been established- all my girls get along so well, i don't want to mess it up.

i have a big love for Abby and/or Peruvian pigs, and the one looks to be abby. Just was thinking if I could, I'd adopt both. But I thought I had heard that you shouldn't keep 2 boars with sows. I don't really want to split them up because I don't have adequate space for a trio and a pair. (2 separate cages)
Camera perspective distortion........
An extreme case of it, apparently. Is that a fisheye lens or what? lol Seriously, the pigs look as wide around as her thigh.
I know!
I showed them to my mom and she goes "they are huge! Wont they like, squish yours?"
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