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Adopt vs. Buy I took RESCUE to a whole new level


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Feb 6, 2013
So I lost my final guinea pig recently (I had four girls over a period of roughly eight years) and I decided I did not want guinea pigs again for quite some time (I have a young son and I wanted to wait until he was older).
Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, fate had other ideas.

Yesterday I got tagged in a post on facebook about someone spotting some guinea pigs out in the bush.
I live in Australia, it was in the 30 degree celcius range (80 farenheit for you yanks), so it was HOT.
I went out to see if I could help, the lady I met there told me they'd been out there for DAYS and she'd been trying to coax them out regularly with food but they were too fast for her.

So, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I dived into snake territory, trying desperately to avoid the big spiders I saw and the bugs.
After a little while of doing this by myself, a lady came and introduced herself as a vet. She bought one of those collapsible play pens and some food and our goal was to drive them into it.
We managed to sight one of them, she was bright white and the chase was on. At one point she actually touched my shoe but before I could even lean down to try to grab her, she vanished. I jokingly nicknamed her Ghost for that.
Unfortunately, after an hour or so, the vet gave up and said that they don't want to be caught and so they'll unfortunately be eaten by a snake. She packed up and went home.
I was heartbroken but I wanted to give it another try, I dashed home and got changed into more suitable clothing as I've been stung/bitten/scratched by a hundred things and my skin was bright red from the midday sun.

I called my friend to come help, he came with fishing nets.

We looked for another hour and there was no sign of them, it seemed they'd gone.
I was now in hour 4 or 5 of the effort and I had to admit defeat, there was no sign of them and there was potentially miles of bushland they could've run off into.

As I was getting ready to leave, suddenly a black guinea pig jumped out of the bush and looked at me!
I yelled for my friend and he crept over with the fishing net, then suddenly all three of them came bounding out of a bush, all in different directions, it was mayhem.
At this point, I knew it was now or never. I got on my hands and knees and I dived into the bushes, I knew it was risky but I had to try.

After a good half hour more, my friend got his fishing net over a piggie and we cheered. I reached my hands in to grab her and she darted...we were back to square one.
Then, thankfully I was able to sneak up and grab the white one. One down, our mood heightened and the chase for the other two was on.
By pure luck, they both hid together under some grass and we were able to grab both of them at once.

They're home now, currently living in my bathtub as I had sold all of my guinea pig stuff. I've booked them in to see the vet on Friday (thankfully after looking them over, there's no obvious signs of anything wrong and they're eating and drinking well).
My partner remarked that we'd lost our girls and now we found three new girls! It was destiny.

So in honour of their remarkable ability to hide from me for six hours, plus their fateful encounter with us.

We named them Ghost, Shadow and Destiny.

[GuineaPigCages.com] I took RESCUE to a whole new level
LOL! Quite an adventure! And thanks so much for persevering and rescuing them.
What an amazing story. You certainly went on and above in your rescue effort. Thank you for not giving up when it seemed like all hope was lost. This story really renews my belief that there are many good people in the world. Those three little girls are beautiful and they owe their lives to you.
Wow, what an adventure for everyone involved! I hope you get good news at the vet appointment. They are so lucky!
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