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Sick I think Peanut is dying.


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Aug 13, 2007
He's only 3 years old.

About 6 months ago he had a stroke. He was "crooked" for a while but then seemed to get over it with no ill effects. Then about a week and a half ago he had another stroke. Now he cannot eat properly. At first he was still running up to the veggie dish and attemping to eat, but it just seemed like he couldn't. I took him to my vet who checked his teeth and ruled out any teeth issues. He said the issue seems to be neurological and there really isn't any thing that can be done. I've tried syringe feeding him with mushed up pellets, but it all just sort if leaks out of his mouth. Now he's not even trying to eat the vegtables or hay. What's bizzare is that it seems he can drink water and eat pellets. He's obviously eating something because it's been over a week and he's still alive. He has lost weight though. But he's drooling severly now, and falls over alot and its just heartbreaking to watch. I think his cagemate knows something is up too, because Patches is usually the dominant one and has been very cautious around Peanut the past few days. I was just trying to hand feed him some tiny apple bits I would break off and put in his mouth and he just seems to mush them for a second or two then they fall out of his mouth. i currently have a handfull of pellets and he's eating them out of my hand. VERY slowly, and sometimes one will fall out of his mouth, buy he is eating some. I don't want to give up on him, but I don't wany him to suffer either. I just don't know what to do. :(
That is so sad! Have you taken him to a second vet for a second opinion? I'm not sure if there is anything to do in that case but maybe a second vet could offer suggestions. If he was my pig I would put him to sleep to end his suffering. But i also understand that is a hard call to make. We had a kitten who had an enlarged heart and we had to make that call for her as she was in so much pain. So I feel for you. Just trust your heart, you know whats right for your baby. And my thoughts are with you both!
I'm so very sorry to hear that your piggy is not doing well. I wasn't with her at the time (she was being baby sat by a very experienced woman who has run a guinea pig rescue for several years), but my Buttercup had some similar symptoms right before she passed away. She seemed to have either had a stroke or seizure and afterwards could not stand up or walk around. She was unable to stand up or walk around, did not eat, and also had drool coming out of her mouth. Buttercup passed away that night, and she was only 2 years old.

I really hope that Peanut pulls through and makes it out okay. I am thinking of him and sending good thoughts his way.
I really hope your pig gets better. You all are in my prayers tonight.
I'm sorry your piggy is not feeling well. Did the vet do an x-ray to check the molars?

See this link.

When I first brought him in, the vet thought it might be Maloccusion. When you look at his front teeth they don't seem to be comming together properly. He actually put him to sleep to check his back molars. He said everything looked normal and there was no obvious physical reason why Peanut shouldn't be able to put his teeth together properly. But when he was observing Peanuts behavior he appeared to have nerulogical symptoms of another stroke. I added a bit of water to the pellets in my hand to make them softer and he seemed to eat them better that way... i might try hand feeding him like that for a while to see if I can get his weight back up. When I was trying to hand feed him apple pieces, I could feel him trying to bite on my finger, and he just seemed to lack all strength in his jaw. His teeth were comming down on my finger, just very weakly.

I live in a semi rural area, there aren't that many exotic vets around. The vet I take my boys too, I've been going to for 5 years and he's helped my pigs, (I have 4) though mites, a couple cysts and a couple URI's. So far he's been great. I'm just really hoping that he starts improving, but he seems to be far worse this time around than the last time he had a stroke.
How is Peanut doing today?
I'm so sorry to hear you are experiencing this. Hurts like the dicken's yes?
Do all you can to keep him comfortable and feeling safe and remember everyday you have with Peanut is a gift.
My heart deeply goes out to Peanut and you. I REALLY hope he pulls through this. *hugs* So heartbreaking reading these kinds of things. :(

I'm praying for a full recovery for precious Peanut.
Oh dear, I am so sorry. Fingers and paws crossed and healing vibes to your little Peanut.
I pray your peanut pulls through
it is never easy to watch them go through pain and you try all you can to make them better.
I know your pain and know you maybe spending sleepless nights and worrying about him.
I am here if you need someone to talk to
Peanut is still the same. I've found that by putting pellets (i use oxbow) in my hand and wetting them so they expand a bit and are soft he will eat them willingly out of my hand. He's had about a dixie cup full this way over the past 24 hrs. I'm not sure if that's good or not enough. And he's drinking water out of his water bottle on his own. He still is refusing to eat anything else. I tried cutting up tiny pieces of strawberry one of his favorite and he wouldn't even attempt to eat them. So right now he's only eating pellets and water. He still falls over alot as well when he attempts to move around the cage. :(
Oh my goodness my heart goes out to you and so do my brothers we all hope (and when there is five of us it really does do good) that poor little peanut will get better soon.
So sorry to hear that Peanut is not doing well. At least he is able to eat something and he can drink on his own. I hope he pulls through and I'm sure he appreciates all you are doing to help him feel better.
Oh Pandora, I'm so so sorry you are having to go through this. Falling over a lot and not eating veggies is not a very good sign, I'm afraid.

It sounds like you are doing everything you can and I know as humans, we want to try to hold onto our pets as long as we can. But as their caretakers, we also have to take our emotions out of the equation and judge whether the animal's quality of life is being affected.

Obviously, it's ultimately your decision but please think about if this is the way Peanut wants to live. Is he comfortable or is he suffering? Is this daily existance easy or difficult for him?

I really REALLY hope he recovers and pulls through, I really do. You and Peanut are in my thoughts.
If worse comes to worst, and you have to put the Piggy down, don't feel bad about it because you are trying. That is more than I could say about many people. But my prayers are with you for your Pig to regain proper health. We had my dog Max, and he was paralyzed for the last week of his life. We had to watch him to try crawl into our room to be with us for the night, and we ended up picking him up and putting him on the floor where he would be for the last time he was with us. We put him down the next day, I was at school. So don't feel bad about it, and keep trying!

Wheeks from us @Pandora!
I've had to put multiple pets down do to seizures, cancer, etc. I really hope that this doesn't come down to euthinasia but as Zuidy said, you have to think about Peanut's well being. I would suggest taking him to a cavy vet to have him evaluated if he doesn't appear to improve before the weekend ends.

Wheeks from me, Cinnamon and Lightning!!
Update for today... I'm not sure whether to be cautiously optimistic or not. When I brought out the plate of veggies this morning, he came out of his pigloo to inspect it for the first time in days. I offered him a grape tomato that I'd cut in half and he actually grabbed it with his teeth and ran back to his pigloo with it without dropping it or falling over!. Unfortunatly he still wasn't able to eat it, but he TRIED. It's the first time I've seen him try to eat a veggie in days. I'm still hand feeding him, but he's going up to the pellets in the bin in his cage and seems to be eating them as well. He's still drinking water on his own too. He still has no interest in the hay. He's still pretty unsteady on his feet, but I've beein watching him all day and so far he's only fallen over twice. (by fall over I mean completly on his back with his legs in the air). He's wobbling alot when he tries to move quickly, but he's recovering his balance better without completly tipping over most of the time. He's currently at about 840g which is about 100 less than where he is normally. I don't think he or I am ready to give up yet.
That is good news though. At least he feels a little better! Keeping you guys in my thoughts!
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