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Sick I think my pig might be sick.. :(


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Dec 7, 2011
Lately Mooka hasn't been very active, she just sits and hides in her igloo and acts lethargic. She doesn't seem to be eating very much- she used to get really excited whenever she heard me rustle the food bag or hay bag, and this morning when I brought her & her cage mate some chopped fruits and veggies (carrots, grapes, tomato pieces with basil, oregano, and thyme) she didn't eat ANY! She usually loves it.. :( I can't tell if she is sick. When I took her out of her cage she was licking me and stuff, but I can't tell.
• I recently had a bad cold, do you think she might have caught it? (Sorry if that sounds stupid..)
• Also, I have been using a humidifier with Vicks for my cold, and she is in the room with that, could it be affecting her?
• Should I seperate her cage mate from her just in case?
I can't weigh her because I don't have a scale.. and I don't know if I should take her to the vet, because I don't even know if she is sick or not. I am on vacation from school, and it might be that she isn't used to getting all kinds of attention during the day since I'm usually at school.
Help is really appreciated, I'm really scared for my poor Mooka :( Oh, and she seems to be pooping but I can't really tell if she is peeing. I think she probably is...
Absolutely the Vicks humidifier could be affecting her -- it is NEVER a good idea to use Vicks anywhere around a guinea pig. Please get either her or the humidifier out of your room as fast as possible.

If a guinea pig isn't eating, it's sick. They must eat, or they can die, sometimes within 12-24 hours.

Can you divide the cage with a grid so that you can see whether she's eating, pooping and peeing? Or if not, do you have another cage you can put her in for a while? I'd give her only a couple of hours to see if she's doing that, and if not, I'd get her to the vet. I'd also be prepared to take her to the vet immediately if she seems to be getting worse.

If she doesn't eat, you'll have to hand feed her. Post back in a couple of hours and let us know what's going on. We can give you directions on hand feeding.
Bogarted by bpatters :) Yep, do everything bpatters said.
Whoops- I had no idea the Vicks was bad for her :( It's only on during the night. Midge (my other pig) isn't exposed to it because she goes in her other cage in the living room at night because she is loud at night. The humidifier is off during the day time though.
I'll try putting my other pig in another cage so I can see if she is pooping. I'll try to hand feed her now and if it doesnt work I'll definitely try to get her to the vet! :( Thanks for the help!!
I just mixed some of her pellets with warm water and fed it to her, she is currently eating it now!! She was just eating some hay a minute ago too, I think she doing alright. I'll keep you all updated
Now she won't eat anymore of the mush. How do I hand feed it to her ?
Force feeding requires a syringe. Do you have any of those? If you do and it's only a thin one, cut the tip off so that it can suck up the mush. Either way you need to water down the mush so it can be sucked up into any syringe. Go slowly and be sure she's eating it (her mouth will be moving). Be careful because if she isn't actually eating it, it could be going down wrong and she could asperate (sp?).

Is she drinking water? Be careful of that too, she could be dehydrated. I just went through all this with my older pig. I ended up taking him to the vet because I was at my wit's end, she hydrated him, injecting it just underneath the skin, and within a couple hours he was back to normal, eating on his own.

From what I'm reading it really sounds like you need a vet visit.
Well, if she just ate, she might not be hungry yet. Don't worry about force feeding until you know whether or not she's going to need it. Just keep offering her her regular foods and see how she does. If she goes several hours without eating, then we'll worry about syringe feeding.
Thanks for all your help everyone! I think you are right bpatters, she is probably just not hungry. I put both her and her sister on the ground for floor time and they are currently having fun and running around together. I think I probably worried too much but I am definitely still going to keep an eye on her :) and if she still seems funny tomorrow I'll take her to the vet!
UPDATE- Mooka still isn't very active. She wouldn't eat anymore of the mushy food, so I made her a new batch with warm water and she ate some of it. I think I might know why she isn't coming out of her igloo, though- my cat has tried to swat at her a couple times and I think that Mooka was really scared by that to the point that she is afraid of leaving her igloo to eat or drink.. I put a blanket over one side of the cage and am keeping my door closed... I really hope Mooka feels better soon, and if not tomorrow she'll go to the vet
Is she eating anything in the way of hay, veggies, and pellets? And when you say she ate "some," how much do you mean? A pig that is not eating otherwise needs at least 50-60 cc. of pellet mash per day. They'll usually take 5-10 cc by syringe per feeding, so that means a bunch of feedings today.

I would NOT assume that the pig is scared by a cat and that's why she's not coming out of the pigloo. I WOULD assume that she's not feeling well. And if all she's had since this episode is just a couple of teaspoons of pellet mash, I'd be looking for a vet who could give her some motility drugs, and for some syringes to do some serious handfeeding.

If she IS eating other things, then keep on keeping her separate, watch her carefully, and re-evaluate in the morning. Is she pooping?
Do you have a scale to monitor her weight?

Ditto bpatters advice.

Grapes can have toxic effects on animals, you should cut those out of her diet.
She was eating some hay and drinking water a couple minutes ago. As for the pellet mash, she took a couple bites, it's hard to say how much she ate, though. She did poop, but I only found a little bit near where she was sleeping, it was like two attached to each other, it looked a little odd. Yeah, my dad is saying he thinks she is just scared by the cat, but I agree something seems wrong. Unfortunately we don't have a scale, but I am going to definitely get one so I know if one of them is sick after this. Thanks, I think I'll take grapes out of their diet now.
I will try my very best to keep Mooka hydrated and eating and hopefully she'll feel better soon... I've only had her for about 4 months and she's my first guinea pig, so im trying to get all the information I can on this! It's a little overwhelming... I'll keep you all updated, thanks so much for helping.
Also, should I keep trying to feed her?
Quick update before bed- Mooka seems to be doing much better! I caught her a couple of times eating hay and drinking water, and right now she is eating a carrot :) I haven't seen her eat any pellets yet but we'll see if any are gone in the morning!
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