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I think I'm more likely to become the crazy cavy lady than crazy cat lady


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Mar 17, 2012

My dd11 has wanted a piggie for years and finally we've stopped moving and she earned the right to responsible for her own pet last summer. Then another hsing mom heard me talking about dd11 completing her gp responsibility project and she was excited that we were looking for one since her daughter was looking to rehome hers so she could get a purse dog.

Sunshine (in my avi) arrived at the beginning of Dec 2011 and she's great now that the dog has stopped going into the girls' room to bark at her.

We started with a too small cage with one small shelf in it and have moved to our first C&C 2x4 this week. She should be in place this afternoon, just need to decided on pellet (what we've been using) or fleece bedding.

After Sunshine is settled I'm thinking that dd7 will get to start looking for her own piggie.

Welcome to the forum! I love threat title. All of my friends call me the "crazy guinea pig lady" and I accept it with grace!
Would love to see more pigtures of Sunshine!
That is awesome. After I brought home our 4th guinea pig my husband said he was worried I'd turn into a crazy guinea pig lady instead of a cat lady. lol Welcome to the forum! Load some pictures when you get a chance we'd love to see your guinea pig and cage. =D
That's how it starts...with one!
I adopted mine from the daycare center I work at, that was back in September! Rose has since passed, but I now have three more!!
Welcome to the forum. Your pig is really cute! My friend is obsessed with bearded dragons so I say she could be a beardie recluse living on top of a hill. Then she says I could be her next-door-neighbor guinea pig recluse. lol
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