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Sick I think Ben's got a URI


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Sep 13, 2011
I'm pretty sure Benny Boy has an URI. He's nose has hard dried discharge on it and is wet. His lungs sound fine, hasn't lost any weight and is eating just the same as normal, I think he has a good chance. I have three problems though, aside from the sick piggy.

1) I have no car and no car seats and both kids home from school so I'm riding my bike. The vet is probably about 3 miles from my house, it should take me (towing the kids...) about 20 minutes. I'm in Austin Texas so it's not cold out but it's not warm either. My thermometer says 65 right now and I don't expect it to get much warmer. How can I keep Ben warm and cozy and should I bring Eddy Pig too to help keep him warm? I was thinking of putting him in a cardboard box with lots of fleece. Will that be enough?

2) The vet I am going to I have never been to before. I'm not sure on all their credentials on guinea pig care. The receptionist said that they have seen lots of URI guinea pigs so I'm hopeful. My regular guinea pig vet (only 1.5 miles away!) is on vacation. :( My 4th problem is my computer is not running properly since updating some software so I can't search very well can anyone give me the link to the guinea pig approved medicines so I can print it off?

3) We will be leaving on Friday to visit family. Should I take just Ben with me or both piggies?

Sorry to ask so many questions. Normally I'm a googler but this slow computer is just killing me today!
Oh no! You are sure stuck in a sticky wicket!
Here is the link from GL for antibiotics: https://www.guinealynx.info/antibiotics.html
Here's antibiotic advice: https://www.guinealynx.info/antibiotic_advice.html
Here is the list of dangerous drugs: https://www.guinealynx.info/dangerous_medications.html
As for your other questions, I have no idea what to say! Hopefully someone else will come along soon! Let me know if you need more links!

Here's the URI link too, just in case you want to bring it to the new vet just to be safe!
Here is a dangerous medications list: https://www.guinealynx.info/dangerous_medications.html
And here is one on all medications (safe and usafe, but it has warnings by the ones that aren't good): https://www.guinealynx.info/medications.html

I think he will be fine with just the fleece, they can take cold better then heat. I don't know of you might want to take Eddy so the vet can look at him too though. I would also take both pigs on Friday, then no one is home alone if you are going for a long time.

I was going to add the URI link, but ellisa beat me to it!
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Thanks for the links guys! This is just one of those days. This morning my kids got a hold of eggs and dropped them on the carpet and it's been all downhill since then. =/ At least we are problem solvers over here and cyclists. lol

The appointment is at 3:30 Central. I'll let you know how it goes.
Good luck! You are very brave! :) It shows how good of a piggy Mama you are!
Hope it goes well! You are an amazing piggie mama and this proves it! :)
I'd take both pigs both days. Sounds like you're having the day from hell -- hope it starts to get better!
My day is going alright, could be better but I take it as it goes. I just hope Ben is OK. We are all ready to go now. Got snacks for the kids, a box ready for the guinea pigs, blankets for the kids and switched the bike cart from my husband's bike to mine which was quite the tasks since it took 20 minutes to find a darn wrench in all my husband's tool boxes... Just waiting for the right time to leave now. =D
We'll be thinking of you and hope Ben's appointment goes alright and he recovers soon!:)
Waiting at the vet right now. I took both pigs and Eddy Pig bit Ben on the nose during the journey. :-( at least we are at the vet....
Well, the bike ride there was fine aside from Eddy biting Ben but once we got there the kids started to act up horribly! It was the shortest vet visit ever and one of those times I was wishing duct taping your kids was legal. lol The doctor did a quick exam agreed that Ben had a URI and prescribed Baytril. I'm not sure the dosage is right since Ben was never properly weighed. I just told them how much he weighed this morning and they gave me 22.7 mg Baytril tablets cut in half. =/ At least I got some medicine but I don't think I will be taking my GPs back there any time soon. I'll see how they do over tomorrow and if either Eddy Pig gets sick or Ben isn't doing so hot I'll take them into my regular vet first thing in the AM. Poor guinea pigs are just worn out!

So arises some new questions: I got them home after this lovely and fun journey and neither of them stopped for a drink, they just went right to sleep. I'll watch them for a little while but if they aren't drinking how much should I make sure they drink per day/per drinking session.

Also since I'll be making a pet store run when my hubby gets home what is the pro-biotic called and what is the force feeding stuff called. (Just in case on the force feeding stuff since it is thanksgiving tomorrow. Currently they are eating well)

Thank you all for your help and well wishes for Ben. This has been a long 2.5 hour vet trip. =/
I'm glad that you got some medicine and that Ben will get better soon. Best wishes on his recovery.
You can use Bene-Bac for a probiotic. When I had to use a probiotic for Pedro I just used human acidophilus pills and sprinkled some on his food 1.5 hrs before the antibiotic and 1.5 hrs after. You could also use a healthy pigs special poops. The force feeding stuff is called Critical Care made by Oxbow. I think you can only get it from a vet though. You could also just make your own pellet mash.
Awesome. Thanks again guys. My husband just got home so soon my computer problem will be fixed as well and I can do some searching too. Ben and Eddy seem to be doing well so far. I'll be taking them with me this weekend when we go visit my family. My mom was thrilled with that. I'm sure her boyfriend, the non-animal guy, will be even more thrilled. lol Oh, well, they are my little buddies and they will get the care they need. =D
Fingers crossed that he gets better soon! Good luck! Have a good visit with your family! :)
I think he will be just fine! One does of anti-biotics right after the vet and this evening he is running around and squeaking just like normal. I've got my little Ben Buddy back!
Ben survived the weekend and is doing wonderfully but Eddy Pig started to show symptoms on Saturday so I started to dose him as well he is also doing wonderfully this evening. Both piggies are being punks to each other. I'm guessing from the stress of the car trip and staying in a strange place while feeling sick. Lots of leftover Thanksgiving veggies for them though! =D
How long are these guys going to be contagious for? I've been looking for another guinea pig for awhile, still haven't found one, but I was wondering how long I should delay my search or if I even have to since the new guinea pig would need to be quarantined for 3 weeks.
Ben has Relapsed

I noticed today that Ben has been "puffy" all day. He still weights the same, still eating and drinking well. This evening he has a snotty nose. He has been symptom free since the day after he started the antibiotics (Baytril) two weeks ago. He was on meds for a week so he's only been off of them for a week as well. Eddy Pig started to show symptoms as well a few days after Ben and he was also on Baytril for a week. Eddy Pig seems fine but Ben is sick, again. I have separated him from Eddy for the moment. I am calling the vet tomorrow but I was wondering should I ask for the same antibiotic only for longer since it seemed to work so well or should I push for a different treatment? I'm only asking because if the same antibotic will work I will call the (dumb) dog and cat vet I took Ben to and just get a refill but if he needs something more I will take him to my exotic vet.
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