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Sad I really don't know what to do


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Jul 25, 2011
I got Benjamin in August, and he and Squint have not gotten along. It ended in a visit to the vet for Squint. Squint is my original pig. I really wanted Squint to have a friend, so we got Benjamin. Seeing as things between them aren't working out, I asked my parents if I could get a third so Squint could have a friend. They are strongly opposed to a third, and decided that if Squint is to get another friend, Benjamin has to go back to the shelter. So, basically, two is the limit. I don't know what to do. I feel horrible. I don't know which is better; Squint with a friend and Benjamin in the shelter, or both alone, for a very long time. Please let me know what you think, this has been very difficult so far.
I would try explaining to them that guinea pigs can suffer from depression w/o.a friend so Squint really needs a friend but you can't take Benjamin back to the shelter because there are already so many pigs in need of a home. Good luck! I'm so sorry you must be put in this position :( But if worst comes to worst, do NOT take Benjamin back under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Again, good luck!
I have explained to them all about guinea pigs and friends, but they will not allow a third. It has come down to two separated pigs, or Benjamin going back. I fell like either is a losing situation, so I am stuck. Thanks for your time
Can you just put them in side by side cages with grids in between? They may mellow out and get along fine in a few months.
Just whatever you do don't take Benjamin back...there are waaay too many piggies in need of good homes right now. I would try Bpatter's idea
I think having their cages side by side is a really good idea, as they may be going through adolescence and sometimes it can get a little rough with males, especially if they don't have enough space. How old are your piggies ?
What was it that caused the problem in the first place? Did you introduce on neutral territory? Was the cage they were in big enough for both pigs? (for 2 males, it should be at least a 2X4). Was the cage they were in cleaned thoroughly of any original pig smell?
Huey and Roger had to live with a divider grid for a couple of months but are now living together. I don't know how old your piggies are but if they are just going though puberty you just have to wait it out. My guys where happy and would lay next to the grid visiting each other. Boys need a large cage when living together, how big is yours? Even if you got a 3rd piggy you don't know if it would work out. You should check out this link when adding a piggie Guinea Pigs Social Life Please keep us updated on how your guys are doing and I hope you don't return Benjamin!
It is very difficult to keep two young males together, but as other's have said they should mellow a little in time to the point that they should get along fine.
Put their cage's side by side or put in a divider grid as other's have said.
But whatever you do don't take one back in the hopes of another one getting along with the one you were trying to help to begin with.

Even if you did get a friend for the one, you'd have to get another for your second one as well or he'd be the odd pig out..

If you'd take the one back to the shelter he'd really become a mess and maybe devolore a bad attitude to where he couldn't be adopted out at all and that really would be tragic.
Because I'll site my one girl Queen Petunia.

She had been originally bought at a pet store and taken back to the pet store because she was shy and kind of aggresive in her new surroundings, So the first set of people took her back.
A few days later another person came into the pet store and bought her along with another one, But soon decided that two was to much for her so once again they returned her.

She was at the store for approx 3 weeks before someone else bought her well her kid quickly got tired of her so the mother just dropped her off at our local shelter, where they take in any animal but aren't really equipped to handle GP's so since they had me on a list for encase someone wanted to get rid of their pig of coarse they'd give me a call.

When I went and got her she had a "VERY" Wild looked in her eye's you could see the terror in her eye's as well as her face, She has looked like that for about the first three weeks i had her.
Who could blame her?
Afterall she was here there and back it be enough to even cause a sane human to be a little defensive.

Her and Princess Penelope hit it off as soon as they saw one another which helped put her at ease.
But whenever I'd go to touch her, or do anything in thier cage or try to pick her up.
She'd scream bloody murder like I was going to hurt her.

And when I'd pick her up she'd scratch and claw at me trying to get away.

Who could blame her after all she'd been through?

But after all this time almost two months now she is still a little skittish at times, But for the most part she'll come out and watch TV on my laptop with me calmly letting me pet her and stroke her chin and cheeks.

I know this may seem like a bunch of dribble to you all, But i said this to impress upon you Squit96, That real life long Psych Damage can be done to a pig by passing them around from place to place. "JUST PLEASE" Think of the pig and "PLEASE" don't put him through what so many others have put my "PRECIOUS" Petunia through..... :(
Both of my boys are around 1 year. I introduced them on neutral territory, even gave them a buddie bath, and cleaned the cage before they went in. It was a 2X4 that i expanded to a 2X5. They just don't get along. I t got to the point that Squint was throwing himself into his hammock to get away from Benjamin, and one time hit the wall. I was worried he would get hurt, so I separated them. A little while later I let them have floor time together and things went well. They were back together in the 2X5 when Benjamin bit Squint's lip and Squint had to go the the vet. I told the vet what happened and she suggested they not be put back together. Their cages are side by side and they say hello sometimes, but with their new cage they will be one on top of the other so that won't be possible. Thank you for all your responses, I'm just trying to figure out what is best for both of them.

Here is what my mom proposed: Benjamin goes back to the rescue, and has the opportunity to be adopted by a family that only wants one pig (he doesn't get along with others) or has a pig that he bonds with. We find Squint a friend, and they are both happy. OR we can't find a pig Squint likes, so we readopt Benjamin. The only problem being Squint gets a friend, and Benjamin doesn't get adopted. **This is what my mom thinks**

Let me know your thoughts or ideas, and thank you for understanding what I'm going through
What rescue did you get him from?
I can't think of the name, but I was told it is a no kill, and Benjamin was living at a home, not in the rescue/ shelter. By the way, what is the difference between shelters and rescues so I am sure I'm using the correct one?

P.S. I'll get the name as soon as I find it or it comes to me :)
Them living side by side is JUST fine. You do not need to give one back or have them alone forever. I have a male that has been injured badly by a cage mate but HE was the one that was the trouble. I tried paring him up with 7 different guinea pigs over the last 4 years and I know it is him because the 3 that I currently have that I tried paring him up with all get along with eachother perfectly. But he does not get along with them in a group or individually. He is in a cage by himself next to the other cage. Yeah he may be sad but I give him extra loves and cuddles. Its the best I can do for him since he just keeps bugging everyone else until they violently attack him to be left alone. He is currently 4 something years old so I don't think he will settle down at this point.

Give it 6 months separated and try again with a bigger cage. I had a 3x7 cage and Tweet STILL fought with his cagemates. But its not going to hurt anything/one if you give them some time. Living side by side is also just fine. Make sure they each have a 2x3 cage though. You can build one on a stand so you have room to put their supplies (and possibly other things under) to save room...
A shelter is usually all kinds of animals, and usually run by the city or county or some agency. Some shelters do have foster homes for small animals.

A rescue usually specializes in rescuing one type of animal, and is often privately owned (but not always). Rescues often have foster homes.

Perhaps if you tell us the name, we can figure it out for you.

I completely understand about not being able to keep two pigs who don't get along. Some pigs just won't get along, no matter how much space or time. Talk to the place you adopted him from to see what will happen to him if returned. If they will let you try another pig, try for a much younger one this time. I have "exchanged" pigs for adopters before--having two pigs who do not get along is not good for either pig or for you.

Good luck, and let us know what you decide.
I can't think of the name, but I was told it is a no kill, and Benjamin was living at a home, not in the rescue/ shelter. By the way, what is the difference between shelters and rescues so I am sure I'm using the correct one?

P.S. I'll get the name as soon as I find it or it comes to me :)

Did they have you sign a contract with their contact info? I wouldn't return him to someone just selling guinea pigs out of their house because you won't know what will become of him. You might be putting his life at risk. In that case, I'd keep their cages side by side but bring them out together for floor time where you can supervise and toss a towel over one of them and separate them if they get aggressive.
foggycreekcavy; thank you, it is releaving to hear giving benjamin back isn't totally wrong. ahimsa haven is the shelter i got him from, they have a website; ahimsahaven.org. I know that either way all my guinea pigs will be from shelters so it would all net out. Thank you for everything, you really got what was going on; sadly Benjamin and Squint are pigs that just don't get along. However, I promise that before any final decisions are made I will give Squint and Benjamin another chance.

pinky; it was an actual shelter, I just meant he was at a foster home. I did sign a contract, and am legally obligated to give him back to the shelter, I can't just give him away, he has to go back to the shelter if I can't keep him
That is a rescue. And I bet they would work with you on whatever you decide. Email them and see what they say.
I have talked to the shlter when Squint was biten, and they said BEnjamin could be returned at anypoint. The problem is they don't have any other males. They have two, but one doesn't get along with others, Benjamin was labeled this way but I thought I would give it a try, and we tried the other with Squint when I got Benjamin. There aren't any other sheltersor rescues near me that have young males, I check almost everyday, including craigslist.
I know that I REALLY want Squint to have a "room mate", but will also fell TERRIBLE for the rest on my life if I give Benjamin back. If only my parents would let me have three...
Having two male pigs living together isn't difficult. It's a common fallacy that two males can't or won't get along or will always fight.

Over the years, I've had ten male pigs and I've never had an issue with two males co-habitating. It's not often that you find two that truly don't get along but occasionally it does happen.

It's good that the rescue would welcome him back but ditto what others have said. If they can live side by side in peace, that would definitely be your best bet.
They currently live side by side, though they don't really see eachother that much. And Benjamin is always chewing the bars loudly. I am getting a new cage, and they won't be living side by side, but one on top of the other. My main problem is Squint not having a friend. He spends 85-90% of his time (that I see anyways) laying around. He doesn't do laps very often anymore, and before Benjamin he did them every night. I'm mainly worried about Squint, his health, and depression. I just want what's best for the both of them.
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