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I need some new, cleaner ideas.


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May 29, 2012
I have tried a hay rack (too messy. Hay fell everywhere and the pigs wont eat it off the ground.), putting the hay on top of the bedding in the litter box (It gets soiled and they won't eat it.), cutting out the side of a shoe box and putting hay in there (They tipped it over, again making a mess.), and now I have just been putting a pile of hay on the floor. But even this doesn't work well because they track it everywhere and soil it.

What is the best way to give my pigs hay? Preferably in a way that they can't make a mess of or soil.
My solution doesn't keep all of the hay off the floor but my pigs like it and it's free. I needed to make a quick and cheap hay rack so I took a 2 liter plastic soda bottle, cut the neck off and the bottom and zip tied it upside down to the cage. My 2 piggies love pulling the hay out of the neck part and it keeps most of it off the floor. My latest change was to punch a hole in each side and put a child's plastic hanger through the holes so I can hang it from the cage top.
that sound great can you take a pic
I've found that hay is just messy no matter what you do. But they love it so much that I just let them do what they want. Whatever you put it in, they will pull it out.
i have a little plastic shelf that they jump onto it stops most of the mess, not all a few strands stay but i helps
dem1ba can you post a pic of them using it the homemade hay rack?
I just ziptie two of my grids together to make the holes smaller. Then I tie it to the corner of the cage, making a right-angled triangle whose sides of of different lengths. Finally, I line that entire area, minus the side where the cavies are supposed to get hay from, with a garbage bag.

Sure, some hay would still land on the fleece, mainly because they pull the hay out, but it's not that much of a mess. And I also try to clean it a bit daily.
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