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i need some advice on my guinea pigs


Cavy Slave
Mar 7, 2012
I have had my guinea pig gibbie for about 8 months now and he was getting a bit lonely,so we went and got another one from the pet shop his name is pepe and he is maybe 2 months old if that old.I am trying to introduce them but when i put them together in the play area my older one is getting on top of the new one and trying to hump him and has a nasty smelly wet stuff that he leaves on the new one he is also m,aking a rumbling noise but not trying to hurt him and then when i put the new one up he sits outside the cage like he is sad and wants him to come back out and play,Is this normal behavior and if not what should i do and will it ever stop please help
Hello and welcome!

First things first. Since your new pig is from a petstore, I would check to make sure they are both of the same sex. If not, separate immediately.
Humping and rumbling are all normal and safe dominance behaviour. Have a look at this link. It has useful info on introductions:
Guinea Pigs Social Life
thank you im almost postive the are both males ive looked at a few different web sites and they told me what to look for and i think i see males parts but ill check it out again i know they say its hard to tell the sex of youger guineas so thanks
Here's a good link to use for checking the gender: Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig. More than you ever wanted to know about guinea pig private parts...

All the behavior you describe is perfectly normal. The "nasty wet smelly stuff" is just semen, and when dried, is called "boar glue." As long as neither one of them is biting the other, just leave them alone. It'll all die down when their hormones quit raging.
thanks so much cause i wasnt very sure about the smell and nasty stuff and it made me think that my male was a female haven issues but i checked both of them out and they are both males so thanks so much and ill check the link out
It is probably just Gibbie saying "hey you im the boss here" The goo is what bpatters said "boar glue" or "semen". Yes it is normal. If any blood has been drawn seperate them ASAP. Hopefully all goes well (it should)

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