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Feet I need shoe design help for my pig.


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Cavy Slave
Jan 23, 2012
I've been trying to come up with a shoe or flip flop design for my girl Daphne. Something happened neurologically, and her front foot curls up like a fist. She walks on it like that, and it's losing muscle tone. If I could make her straighten it out and walk on it properly, I think the muscles could be retrained. I just don't know how to do it.

I keep playing with the idea of shaving a human flip flop down reeeaaallly thin, cutting it to size for her, then putting that under her foot, and wrapping with vetrap. But it would need to be changed everyday because the vetrap gets so dirty. Vetrap also makes me nervous; I'm always afraid I'll wrap too tight and it'll cut off circulation.

Any ideas? Be creative!
One of my kids toe-walks and had to have specially fitted foot/ankle orthotics because it was causing problems with his achilles tendon. It wasn't a brace and it wasn't a full shoe. Basically he had a custom-molded heavy plastic piece that went 2/3 around his foot and ankle, so that it was open in front/on top. That part was closed with velcro. This prevented us from tightening it too much, allowed his food / lower leg to breathe, and prevented him from toe walking (which helped stretch the tendons and mitigated permanent damage to his bones).

I don't know how cooperative Daphne will be, but maybe something that has a stiff backing but does not go all the way around? And then you can use a small bit of Vetrap around it to keep it on? I'm thinking that might allow air circulation and prevent you from wrapping it too tight.

You could maybe use the flip flop bit or a snip of stiff leather as the brace part?
You could use a design like this:

It seems to hold the foot pretty well. I would use a piece of a really thin wood wrapped in something soft for the base, and some strong (yet non-toxic and non-chewable ;) ) yarn for the strappy parts.

A wooden ice cream spoon (with the long handle part cut off) would do well for the base:

Also, she is probably not going to like this one bit so her shoe will have to be indestructible, haha.
@Cavylier that is so funny -- I was eating one of those little ice cream cups a couple of days ago and thought about that just now!

Ice cream and cavies both rule my life ....
I just realized that there is a possibility she might get hurt while self-grooming her face wearing any kind of shoe. It would need very careful supervision.
I really admire that you are being proactive and trying to come up with something. I am not much help but if you have a university nearby, I thought you may be able to take to someone who works in the engineering department for ideas as well. I know our engineering department makes wheelchairs for dogs. I hope you figure something out!
I would experiment with a piece of an OTC orthotic (inexpensive) like Dr. Scholl's Tri-Comfort for the base and back of an orthosis. I've included a pic below of a style of brace that might work if created for a cavy.
I think this could work for the base, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to use vetrap in order to keep her toes straight. If use straps they'll cut into her toes, and she'd be able to curl her toes on the base anyway.
For a brace, I remember seeing some kind of plastic at a Hobby Lobby or Michael's that was hard when cold, but you put it in hot water to shape it. Easy to trim....I can't remember what it was called...
You could take one of those inserts for your shoes and cut it down to size. good luck!=)
Can she physically straighten the foot? Was she born like this?
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