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Cleaning I need advice on the pros and cons of fleece bedding vs. Wood shavings


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Dec 26, 2011
Hi! I have had guinea pigs for almost a year now and have been getting my advice solely from the petstore I got them at. Recently, I started looking up information online and noticed that a lot of owners use "fleece". Can anybody offer me more information on fleece, how to use it, the pros and cons of it? It looks much less messier and I bet my piggies would love snuggling up in it but I really don't know anything about it. Thanks!
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If you'll put "fleece" in the search box at the top of the page, you can find a bunch of recent threads about it. There's also a sticky thread about fleece in the Bedding section.
I am a new fleece user. I think the biggest and only pro for me is that I wont have to spend so much money one bedding. I suppose there are other pros for the guinea pigs but the cons outway those for me.
It is very messy. Hay and poop and hair get stuck all over it. The guinea pigs walk in the poop and it gets stuck all over their feet. Even sweeping up twice a day there is still poop every where. Hay and hair are hard to get off the fleece but I shake it out well outside before laundering.

That being said I will not change from fleece because the money saving is far too significant to justify the change to bedding.
We don't really care for the fleece... it's always wet and poop covered and when we wash it, it leaves hay in the washer.... We have it on our loft right now, because we had it in the whole cage and I need to fix the one piece of coroplast so the chips say in, but we are going back to the chips.

10 bux at the Tractor Supply every three weeks ain't gonna break us... cause we'd have to wash it a lot more... it might look nicer to start w/ but quickly becomes poop covered and it's hard to keep up on sweeping that all up.
@FuryanGoddess What kind of chips do you buy and what size cage do you have and how often do you change it. I'd gladly pay $5 a week for less mess

EDIT because I saw you are from Pittsburgh. Where abouts are you from. I live in Aliquippa
I'm from just North of Pittsburgh. I get a huge thing of Aspen chips at Tractor Supply. I think they're like 9 bux for 4 cubic feet
I need advice on the pros and cons of fleece bedding vs. Wood shavingsI need advice on the pros and cons of fleece bedding vs. Wood shavings
Here is a pix of the cage.. it's 41" x 41.5" on bottom and the top loft is 14" wide by 41 and then the other side. I used 14" grids.
thanks so much! I just moved down to beaver county from butler county. I have to either go to chippewa fro TSC or wait til I visit my mom and go to butler or cranberry wish there was a tsc closer!
Yeah, I go to the one on Rt 8... I'm not sure if that's Butler or not... I don't think it is... Think it's Gibsonia
If you have long haired guinea pigs, wood shavings and Carefresh will get stuck in their fur. I'd only recommend fleece for long haired guinea pigs but short haireds are fine on traditional bedding.
We keep Mr. Dad's hair trimmed and if he has wood chips in his hair, we just brush them off. We've never had an issue w/ they getting stuck or hurting him. They just all all over the floor when we pick him up and brush him off .
I think i'm going to try fleece in any area that doesnt have food in it. I use kiln dried pine...a big bag is about 6 bucks. It last for about a month and i've got a 2 level 2x6 cage.
-good place for your piggies to snuggle
-looks better

-smells regularly
-feces get stuck in fleece
-have to wash A LOT
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