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Philippines i need a cage :(


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Feb 20, 2012
anyone who knows or who is selling a 9 door good quality cage with tray for my guinea pigs. its so hard to find...if you can also give me some instructions on how to build a good one, it would be good :)
why do you need a nine door cage? How many caves do you have?
anyone who knows or who is selling a 9 door good quality cage with tray for my guinea pigs.

I'm not sure I understand. A nine door cage? I've never heard of a cage with nine doors. Why not build a C&C cage? It's very easy and materials are relatively easy to come by.

Boxes of grids are available at places like Bed, Bath & Beyond for around $18. There are 20 grids in each box.

Coroplast can be acquired from almost any sign store. Alternately, some people will use a shower curtain and clip it to the grids with the bedding on top.

How many pigs do you actually have?
You can use shower curtain for the base. Some members have reported finding grids at Daiso. There are some (broken link removed), you could try and look there. If you don't find any grids, consider using alternative materials. Any wire racks will work if the spacing between the bars is less than 1.5 inches (3.8 cm.)

See photo galleries for ideas.

Alternative Cages - Guinea Pig Cage Photos

How many guinea pigs do you have?
See the chart here for recommended space.
(broken link removed)

Edit to add:
See this link, one of the members wrote a blog on how she uses BBQ grids to build a cage. She's also from Philippines, she's listed all the places where she found her supplies.

(broken link removed)
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Recently found stack and rack (c&c cubes) at Ace Hardware somewhere in Ayala, it cost P800 for the biggest pack, you need to ask for it because it's hidden :)
I only saw a limited number of them available, I don't know if they're going to stock more. Some of it are in bad shape, better ask the employees to check out the insides before purchasing.
You could also go with my BBQ idea but the grids are getting harder to find. It's longer than the usual C&C and shorter in height.
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