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Joy I might be rescuing a piggie!


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May 19, 2012
I might get to rescue! It's a female guinea pig! Her name is Bella! The neighbors might be getting rid of her! I am SO happy! I would give her the BEST care ever! (way better than the care she has had ) So excited!
Yea!! Thankyou so much for rescueing!! Post a picture when you get her!!
Ok, I will! It will be two or three weeks before it's definite! But I am hoping and praying and hoping and praying!!! :D
Good Luck, hope you get her!!
ME TOO!!! :D:D:D Thanks!
Here is the piggy that I might be rescuing!

[GuineaPigCages.com] I might be rescuing a piggie![GuineaPigCages.com] I might be rescuing a piggie![GuineaPigCages.com] I might be rescuing a piggie!
omg she is so pretty. good luck. hope you get to rescue her. :)
She's very pretty. Is your intention to find her a good home or are your planning to just keep her? I'm not sure I could ever give a pig up.
I'm gonna keep her! ( if my parents say yes) :D I think my parents are on the verge of giving the OK! They really seem to like her!!! But I have to wait two weeks to see if the neighbors are going to definitely "get rid" of her. Their kids are HORRIBLE to her! They are just too young! She is really being mis-treated! The kids don't mean to hurt her, but they just don't realize how rough they are being! I sure hope I can get her!!!
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