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Pellets I may have spoiled my pigs.


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May 2, 2012
Oh dear. When I first brought the pigs home, I bought a bag of Supreme Pet Foods Gerty Mix. I didn't know that an all-pellet mix was best, and I certainly didn't know that growing pigs really needed an alfalfa-based pellet especially. I've been reading up like crazy, and about a week ago I ordered some Oxbow Young Guinea Pig alfalfa pellets for them. They just came in the other day, and I started the piggies on them a night or two ago.

What I realized was that the piggies - being living creatures - were picking all the treats out of the Gerty mix and leaving the pellets behind. When I put the new Oxbow pellets in their bowls, they sniffed through the bowls looking for treats, then looked up at me as if to say, "What is your problem??" They haven't been eating much of the new pellets, but I can't just let them keep eating the treats. With the Gerty mix, they literally touch nothing but the puffed pieces. They're still eating their timothy hay and vegetables, and their energy levels seem perfectly normal. Will they adjust to eating the new pellets?
I realize now that that wasn't very clear - I'm a college student and am in the midst of finals, so my brain is mush right now. I've filled their bowls only with the new Oxbow pellets, which they're picking at but not devouring. What I mean to say is - is this okay, and will they eventually adjust to the Oxbow pellets?
They will be fine. They will eventually realize they're not going to get their junk food and will eat what you give them. It might take them a while.
I agree with lissie. As long as they are eating their hay and you are feeding veg they will be fine, pellets are the least important part of a guinea pigs diet; maybe throw in some veg that is higher in calcium a little more frequently till they take to the new pellets?
I was in the same boat as you are... I want to say it took as long as several weeks for my guinea pig to start eating the plain pellets so it might take a while - but it will happen.
I'm kind of in the same boat...I've never owned a guinea pig before and really had no idea that the gerty mix was bad for them (maybe I'm just an idiot). I'm about to switch over to the Oxbow...but my pig doesn't really seem fond of pellets at all! He doesn't even really eat the "junk" that's in his food now, he just kind of pokes at is as it is. He always has hay and fresh veg. It just worries me that he won't really touch his pellets as it is (and he isn't getting the "good" stuff yet!)
Borat got pellets with junk in them at the humane society, so at first he was picky about plain pellets. He realized within a week that that's all he was getting (along with veggies and unlimited hay, of course), so he gave in.
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