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I made my piggies a bed!


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Apr 29, 2012
[GuineaPigCages.com] I made my piggies a bed!
I just made my future pigs this wonderful cuddle cup! I haven't sewn it together yet which is why the ends are loose, but I'm proud of how it turned out! It's nice and comfy.
One down, one more to go!
thats awesome
you should make me 1 for me to buy it :p
it was really easy to make :D I made the base and the tubes and connected them. It took me a few hours because I hand sewed everything.
Crap!! My pigs would die for that!!! Can you give me a patern or intructions? Or I can buy them from you, either way, I really want one :)
I used a bucket and traced out two circles. Then I put them wrong side out (the fuzzy side on the inside) and sewed all around the edges, leaving a small hole (3 inches or so) unsewn. Then you turn it right side out, stuff it, and sew it closed. To make the tubes I mesured around my base pillow and cut two pieces that length. I folded the first piece over (again, wrong side out) and sewed from each end. I left a 3 inch hole in the middle, so that the ends look nice. Stuff it, and sew it closed again. I made 2 tubes that way. Then you just sew the first tube onto the second, and connect it to the base ! I hope that was clear /: I'm going to make a second one because I'm getting two piggies so I can take step by step pictures if that helps!?
I made one of these yesterday too! I followed the sticky tutorial on top for the cuddle bed, it uses a smaller tube and a larger one instead of the same size but I think it looks pretty similar! I actually thought the hardest part was getting the stuffing into the small tubes :) I'm sure your pigs will love it!
Yeah I used a smaller one and larger one too :) YES getting the stuffing inside was not fun. I think that actually took the longest. Thank you :) I hope they appreciate it.
That is a great bed! I'm sure your piggies are going to love it :)
When I put it in the cage my little pig ran up to it and rubbed his butt on it, which I assume meant he either really loved it or was showing contempt for it :)
haha, I'm sure he loves it :) I want them to be happy healthy little pigs! So I'm driving myself mad trying to give them the best cage possible. I get them in 11 days !! I am so excited.
I wish i was crafty >.<
I'm only 15 and I whipped this up with minimum effort :) I'm sure you could do it too.
Ah yes, that special gene that makes it so guys can't sew, and girls can't be mechanics :)
HAHA ! yeah, well I've done oil changes and helped change tires, so maybe I'm an exception. Any guy can learn to sew :) It's really easy, honestly. You just need patience :)
That's right guys, after all a sewing machine is a MACHINE!!!!
YESYESYESYESYES ! that is so true :crazy: I hand sew my stuff because my moms sewing machine is a joke, but that's very true.
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