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I made my first one!


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Dec 29, 2011
I saw the thread about how to make them and copied it, only changing things to suit the materials I had that were slightly different.
It's not too great.. The sewing is messy and by hand so I'll have to keep and eye on it, and I don't even know if it'll last through the first wash... But I tried, and it took a lot of effort! lol.
Here's my first cozy!
I made my first one!
Awesome! Well done! I am SO not brave enough to attempt it...I buy them :)
Oh, that is so cute! Great job! I always have to remind myself that my boys have no idea what a straight stitch job is and they're happy with whatever I attempt:crazy:!
Hahaha thanks!
I guess that's true eh? THey're not going to be judging my ability to stitch :p
Wow! Congrats, that's so cute and fluffy. There are the 2 that I've made with a little help from the bf the last few days. I plopped them right in the cage after they were done, but neither of my pigs has even attempted to fall asleep in them and I feel like some sort of failure. How long does it take for them to get comfortable with the cozies or figure out what they're for? They've walked in them but not gone to lie down yet. lol

Yours came out so much nicer than mine! I had never sewn by hand before, so that's why the blue one is a little wonky. But we used a machine for the brown one.
I made my first one!I made my first one!
Super cute. Love the material. I would sleep in it! :D
WAYY better then my first one!
Personally, I think all of these look great!!! And very comfy!!! Cross your fingers, I'm about to start my first one.
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