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I lost my hamster!!!! :[[[[


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May 9, 2012
I have officially lost my hamster, I was cleaning my room so i put my hamster in her playpen with a poster board on the top about 30 minutes later when i was done, I looked to get her out and she was missing ! I looked ALL over the house every room I cannot find my baby :[ I feel horrible I really hope she turns up I am about to tear my house up...
I'm so sorry.
I've never had a hamster, but I hear they are escape artists. I hope you find her!
I hope you find your hamster soon!
I once had a hamster who was a nightmare. He was aggressive to people and escaped his cage by pushing his water bottle out and climbing through the hole. I found him days later when I wasn't looking, inside my brother's dresser in the basement. He was quiet the escape artist, I have no idea how he went downstairs.
Thanks guys after an hour of searching I found her under a dressor! I thought what she could get herself into she could get herself out of! But apparently not... I had to lift up the dressor for atleast 10 minutes straight waiting for her to come out. And I put lettuce in the openeing and she FINALLY came out oh my gosh i was so scared.... Her cheek pouches are STUFFED who knows what she stuffed in their on her journey..
awh, my hamster used to do that too! He never really escaped though, it was always my fault. Luckily I always caught him soon after he escaped. I find what works best is to pile a bunch of treats near the cage, and eventually they come looking. That's when you get them. I'm glad you found her ~!
I am unbelievably happy because I had just sent my guinea pigs to the vet and I wont be getting them back for about 2 weeksI just parted with the boys a few hours ago and now i lost my hamster!!!! Thanks god I found her cause with my guinea pigs away I figured I would pay extra attention to her.
Why are your guinea pigs going to be at the vet's for 2 weeks? :?:

If you loose your hamster again, don't panic. A live trap can be set to capture your hamster over night if necessary. All you have to do is lead bait up to and into the cage, and they'll go in. I wouldn't recommend leaving a pile of food outside the cage because the hamster will have no incentive to go in. Just enough to entice it into the cage. I've lost hamsters not a few times in the past and gotten them back over night that way.

Of course, if I ever get a hamster again, I'll find a new caging system! They can get out of store bought cages with the snap of a finger, which was my problem. I like this cage


It'd be nice to build something like it! I think there's less of a likelihood of a hamster escaping THIS then a store bought cage where the lid is small and easy to lift. :D
Thanks for the info appreciate it, My pigs are at the vet for two weeks because I noticed one of them was doing a sort of cough/high pitched hiccup sort of sound its hard to explain what i was hearing but it was NOT normal I know that. So the vet will return them to me when its time he said maximum 2 weeks. hopefully before then.. :[ I miss them already
I'm glad you found her! Hamsters are professional escape artists! Doc, my winter white, opened the door to his cage once and escaped. I went in to check on him and found the door of his cage opened and him MIA! I immediately checked my closet and found him snuggled up between a blanket and a storage box fast asleep. Another time, my family was watching TV and I saw something walking on the floor. I screamed, thinking it was a mouse, before immediately realizing it was Doc. He had escaped his cage again, scaled down the book case his cage is on, and walked down the hall to the living room. Thank goodness my dogs were outside playing! I've since purchased him another, escape proof, cage.
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:D @piggypuppylove Oh my word! It's a mouse! Oh, wait. No, it's not. It's my pet hamster. Little stinker. :p :D
I'm so happy to hear you got her back! I'd love to have a hamster, but I am so afraid of it getting out, and well, we have cats. :eye-poppi Oh, and I have a ton of other pets, I don't need any more, except for another pig. :D
@CritterLuvva the little stinker is solid white so he really does sort of look like a mouse :D He's a sweet heart though... the only hamster I've ever had that actually likes to see me come to his cage. He even climbs up on my hand when I put it in his cage.
:D @emeraldamykate How many piggies do you have? How many do you want?

@piggypuppylove Got pics? The hamsters I've had have been brown any way, so I can equate with "my hamster looks like a mouse!" In our area, pest mice are brown, not white. Are they a different color elsewhere? :?:

I think I would be laughing at myself though if I saw a mouse that turned out to be my pet hamster. That would have been a funny moment. That's all I was saying- no harm intended. :)
So glad to see a happy ending to the hamster escape artist story. I know how wiley they are because I used to care for one of my high school's hamsters over summer and Christmas vacation. He was a very amusing little creature and always on the lookout for ways to break out.
Hehe i once lost 10 mice, they all dissapeared under the floor boards, crafty little things took 3 months to catch and my mum went insane haha they used to run into her room at night, i remember waking once and seeing little eyes on my floor!! my hamster smudge has dissapeared twice searched everywhere turned out she was under the cabinet for her cage and we just rustle hr treat packet and out she came!! cuties
@emeraldamykate :D Thanks for the warning. Right now I have none and am aiming for 3. I can't imagine having more since I also want to work as a foster home. We'll see what comes of my dreams. :)
@critterluvva I admire you for wanting to be a foster. I could never do it myself as I'd end up keeping them all.

I did manage to let animals go when I lived in IL, but those were strays I usually only had for a day because I was linked up with an excellent network of no-kill shelters. Anything that stays with me for more than 48 hours ends up permanent.
@emeraldamykate :D Thanks for the warning. Right now I have none and am aiming for 3. I can't imagine having more since I also want to work as a foster home. We'll see what comes of my dreams. :)

Yeah, I'll probably stick with wanting a third one, because I don't know if I'd be able to have time for three. I like to have my one on one time with my pets and I already have quite a few. I think three piggies might be pushing it a little, but if I found one in need of a home I'm sure I'd be able to make time! :D
@mufasa Thank you very much for the compliment with a touch of humor! :D

I have the heart of a giver and I can't continue to give to those in need if my finances get clogged with too many pets, can I? Besides, I want people to share in the happiness I experience every day. The love and trust of a pet. It's the greatest reward you can ever receive.

When I was 7, I recieved my first bike. It was called the Butterfly. I didn't name it- that was the label on the bike. And I rode that thing and rode and rode and rode until long after I'd finally mastered the art of riding the bike and just wouldn't stop! Then I saw my brother, just a year younger, sitting depressed on the sidelines. I wanted him to be happy too, so I gave him my bike. I loved the feeling of being able to make him happy too. I'd like to be able to do that again for others- people who can appreciate the good care of pets any way. :)
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