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Rabbits I know this isn't the place but...?


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Jan 1, 2012
I want a companion for my male holland lop.:)
I'm not allowed to get another rabbit ): Errr... But they said i can adopt a kitten?! Would a young kitten do ? At about how young though?
Our cat is gonna have babies soon,soo let me knoww... Thanks.. ? :)
Sorry, but I don't believe it would be the same, and the kitten could hurt the bunny.
Your rabbit would be happier with you as a companion than a kitten. Bond with your bunny and spend extra time playing with him.
I do I spend all my time with my rabbit. But i want a kitten as well. i just wanna bond them so when I'm not home I don't have to worry about them hurtin each other. When I leave, the cat will roam the bedroom &: The rabbit will be in his cage. Until I come home..
Are you keeping your cats kitten or adopting another- just curious. Unfortunately cats are predators and bunnies are prey so I don't think it will ever be safe to leave your cat with the bunny- and bonding won't insure the cat won't attack the rabbit; sorry :(
The house rabbit society has this to say on the topic of cats and rabbits: Cats and Rabbits

Just be aware that a big rabbit could just was easily hurt a cat or kitten as a cat or kitten could hurt a rabbit.
Can you have a closed cage for your rabbit?

Why are you asking about adopting a cat when yours is giving birth?
I just don't know cause our cat had a litter before &; she REFUSED to feed them &: we couldn't do anything. She's gonna have another litter again,soon. So i was thinking,what if she lets those pass, too? Than I could adopt...
&: yes my rabbit is in a closed &: secured cage.
You may want to read up on hand/bottle feeding orphan kittens (Hand Raising & Bottle Feeding Orphaned Kittens) in case your cat abandons the second litter, though most mothers are better with their second than their first litters there is not garentee that she will be.

Since Mama Cat isn't very good with babies it would be best to get her spayed anyway after this litter. Call your local shelter they may be able to refer you to free or cheap services.
Yes I know we're planning on callling around to see if we can get her fixed.
&: thank you so much for the help! :)
I don't think it's right to keep cats with rabbits, I personally think it's a bit like keeping a rat with a snake:eek: rabbits really need company of their own kind, have you explained that to your parents/carers?
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