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Veg*n I just saaw that video.


Cavy Slave
Nov 13, 2004
That meat video. It disgusted me. but im 13 and only way 74 pounds. And if i go vegetiarian. I probally will nto gain weight or i will die. I just dont know what to do.... I dont wanna kill animals. and i might even make a animal rescue when i grow up.... but i cant do that if i eat them. I dont know what to do!!
You need to research vegetarian diets and nutrition a bit. There are plenty of high calorie vegetarian choices. Not all vegetarians are toothpicks (I'm living proof). I'm sure you want to build muscle, though, and not add fat. The balance comes with solid nutrition and exercise.
Oh okay. Could you like post a dinner that you guys will eat. Do you guys just eat fish and salad...
I'm your age and just a little over your weight and have been veggie since I was four.

I don't eat fish. And I don't only eat salad.

For dinner I will eat veggie burgers (Morning Star Farm is my fav. brand). I'll eat anything that isn't meat or has any animal ingriedients. There are so many choices I doubt you'll have any trouble finding food that you love. I'm not vegan, so I do drink milk and have dairy products so it is easier finding food that way. Good luck going veggie!
My dad just told me they could eat rice and curry and stuff. And beans and other stuff. And i love salad. im not going to turn vegitarian. Probally just going to tone down on meat eating. Well i cant eat beef anyway. So i only eat chicken,turkey,fish.
You can add all sorts of beans to anything for extra protein and flavor.

I love typical American choices, especially fresh salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and Mexican food (especially enchiladas). I found early on that I could make veggie versions of almost any main course--as long as the dinner wasn't a juicy steak (ALONE). My sister and her hubby eat that way. NO VEGGIES and almost NO FRUIT! I hate to say it, but they're both in for early cardiovascular disease if they keep it up.
Eckerd said:
Oh okay. Could you like post a dinner that you guys will eat. Do you guys just eat fish and salad...
Vegetarians do not eat any meat. That includes fish and poultry. So no, we do not eat fish.

Of course we don't all eat salads! Cake is vegetarian. So is pizza. Lots of things that you eat are already vegetarian. Visit (broken link removed) for lots of recipes.
Yeah but that stuff has dairy products in it. And my dad said that vegetirans dont eat dairy.
It's vegans that don't eat dairy produce, eggs or other products made by creatures such as honey.

Vegetarians simply don't eat dead animals - they still eat what living animals produce.
What you mean what living animals produce. Poop.??
I meant dairy produce, eggs and honey really. But I'm sure there's no vegetarian objection to you eating poop if that's what you fancied!
What do people think about gelatin?

As a lacto-ovo vegetarian, I don't eat gelatin, which is made from animals (bones, cartilage, etc.). I do eat honey, too, so I don't think I could ever go vegan.
eww jello is made out of animal bones. Im feeling sick.
Yes, but you can get veggie gelatin (like Emes Kosher Jel or Hain's Superfruits).

Marshmellows are made of gelatin, too. A lot of processed products have gelatin in them. You can't be certain if it says "Kosher" unless you know the source since a lot of Kosher gelatin is made from fish. Carageenan or agar agar are two plant sources of jelling agents. Seaweed, basically.
I don't eat gelatin. When I found out what it was I started reading package lables making sure there wasn't any gelatin, etc.
That's awesome! Yes, it is vegans that don't eat *any* animal products. I think Treen knew that was a jike, by the way. :)
mncavylover said:
I think Treen knew that was a jike, by the way. :)

Thank you mncavylover!

I don't eat gelatine. Food tends to be quite well labelled over here, so if it's used in a dish, you get a tip off by the lack of the green 'V' on the front. You soon get in the habit of quickly scanning the ingredients anyway.

Sweets are a bummer though, and the veggie ones just aren't quite as nice. I did find some I really liked but can't find them anymore. But hey ho, I'm sure my teeth are thanking the manufacturers for that one!

I did find some vegetarian mini marshmallows once, and they were really good (nice in hot chocolate with whipped cream on the top!) but I can't find those anymore either.
my friend turned completely vegetarian about 2 and a half years ago, and as a meat eater, she was a pencil. Now, she has to work at shedding off a few extra pounds.
Oops, I meant joke. :) Sorry about that.

I wish that products here had the awesome green V on them. I went to England, and it was awesome! It's stamped right there, plain to see, on any product that meets their guidelines. Why can't we have that?
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