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I just joined!

Shannon Dawn

Cavy Slave
Nov 16, 2011
i have 2 adult female giunea pigs and just recently a newborn! :eek:
Oh! Wow! I bet that was exciting to wake up to! Show us some pictures!
Hello! Welcome to the forum! Ditto on the pictures!
Welcome to the community of GP's!!
Check out all of the great info that is here. Feel free to ask any questions. We are here for your and your girls. Will be looking forward to sharing and of course pictures. We all love pictures.
Welcome and congrats on a safe, healthy delivery!

Is this the first newborn guinea pig you have had? If so, be sure to check the sex of the baby before it is 21 days old.
Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to pictures!
Welcome to the forum!! This forum has the absolutely best advice on guinea pigs also great members!!
Welcome! Ditto the picture requests. Hoping mama and baby are doing well!
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