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Joy I just have to say


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Feb 5, 2012
I'm a first time guinea pig owner and I've discovered that guinea pig have the cutest lips EVER. Not sure if I've seen anything cuter... :love:
I agree! And no slobber, either...
Oh, yes - Piggy Lips are the best. Love their little pouts - so cute. :)
They certainly are! Have you gotten Piggy kisses? That makes it even more wonderful!!!!
Oh yes, Snoop (our eldest boar) is a professional piggy-kisser! He would sit and kiss me for hours if I'd let him - LOL. lol
Aw, ok, you have to explain the piggy kisses! I've not gotten one yet!
Sorry!!! That is when your piggy licks you and nibbles gently. :D

When I pet Poppy he will lay his teeth on my skin and then lick me. I think he is showing me his love, tho I may be way off base.
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It's something I hope to look forward to then. :) Do they start it pretty young?
Oh my goodness, I got my first pig last June, and before I ever joined this site, I would just stare at his little mouth and go "awwww!" so much. He would lay on my chest and I'd make this quiet little kissy noise at him, and he would come up and give me a kiss, and I just thought it was the most adorable thing that ever happened. I still do, but since I came here, I realized that guinea pig lips and kisses are a widely appreciated treasure. Also, there are so many precious pictures in the gallery of pig lips!
It's something I hope to look forward to then. :) Do they start it pretty young?

I honestly don't know. I got Poppy from my daughter in November and I think he is 2. He started doing that about a month ago. Maybe it depends on the personality of the piggy?
I agree!! Piggie mouths are too cute! Oh and Marsha from The Cozy Cavy just adopted two senior boars and posted pics on her FB page, one of which has the cutest lips and his little tongue is out in half of the photos...cutest pics ever!
Cute and soft! I love when they sniff around your hand and rub their lips on you in the process. Sends me right into giggling fits!
Such sweet but cheeky little faces. I love noses too! My pig baby has a nose that is half orange and half black : )
[GuineaPigCages.com] I just have to say Lips are the best
My sow Radley is new to my herd. The first night I got her, she started licking my hands. She constantly gives me kisses and little nibbles while I'm holding her in my lap. I love it SO much! She is so much cuddlier since she loves to lick and nibble..

Although I've found that when I do something she doesn't like, like pet to close to her face or pick her up and try to put her back in her cuddle sack, she "reprimands" me with her mouth. It's like she grabs my my finger briefly with her teeth and pushes it away. It never hurts and I feel like she does it intentionally to not hurt me, but tell me "no".
However, I wonder… did my allowing her to nibble and lick result in this "mouthiness"?

I am not sure if guinea pigs function that way, but horses do and I have had them all my life so I tend to relate any other animal (and sometimes people!) to the behavior of horses. :D
I started kissing my piggies nose and now he beggs me for kissies!
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