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How Many? I just have one guinea pig is that okay?


Cavy Slave
Dec 31, 2011
I only have one guinea pig but I see so many people having two or more. Will he be lonely? I play with him and so does my mom but does he need another guinea pal?
most people say to have two or more, i have three however two live in one cage and one lives on its own, i just give him lots of toys and take him out for a long period of time each day :)
I only have one guinea pig, but I give her lots of attention. I am trying to convince someone to let me get her a friend because they do prefer to have them.

There is more info on this topic here.
My first piggie ever (23 years ago) was a lonely boy. After having him for a whole year, he switched parents (gave him to my parents due to lack of time and space back then) and lived with them for more than 4 years. He never have had a cage mate and he was the star of the house. He was allowed to roam freely wherever he liked and he was put back into his cage only when he was asking for it (for going to the toilet there). He was very attached to my parents and he even responded to his name. Or maybe to my parents' voices when they were calling him. He used to sleep for even an hour cuddled into my father's beard when they were watching TV. I have so many wonderful stories about him. We all loved him so very much. He was a rescue from a research lab, meaning that somebody took a 3 weeks old baby to give it as a gift but the person already have received a cat the day before, so this person wanted to return the piggie to the research lab. I just happened to be there when the person was telling somebody else about him and I just couldn't stand the idea of returning the little baby there, so... I just got him.
Yes, most guinea pigs need a companion of their own species. Very few pigs are better as singles. People often say their pig was fine as a single, but how do they really know it wouldn't have been happier with a companion unless they try it?
Like people above have said guinea pigs are herd animals so most do best in pairs. If you think he is lonely and needs a friend make sure they have enough cage space.
I think they like having a same sex cage buddy. I have two boys right now a couple of years apart. They are such good friends they have a large cage and come out for playtime every day. I most often find they cuddled together in one of the huts. Older boy had a same age friend who pssed away from bladder cancer at 3 years old . His buddy was very sad until I brought the baby home. They loved each other right from the start. I have had many breeds of guinea pigs over the years but these Texel boys are the sweetest. I did have two abbie boys years ago that did not like each other so had two cages. I guess you have to know your pigs temperment but even in the same room I think they are happy with another pig in the house.
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