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Joy I just adopted my piggies :)


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Apr 29, 2012
I adopted my neutered little man Felix and Isabella.
On the drive home felix (who is mostly white) peed on a blue chew stick the foster mom gave me. He dyed his underside blue -.- Should I wait until tomorrow to wash him so that he is to scared? He also has a bery active grease gland that I was told to wash once a week (the foster mom asked the vet).
Both pigs have rather long nails too, so should I wait to trim them and give the pigs time to adjust ? Or should I just do it?

I am so happy. They both are scared, I can tell. They're hiding in a fleece tunnel, and they've been there for an hour. Isabella was in a bed, and I went to pick her up and she ran into a tunnel too.

I know they just need to adjust :D
I am so happy.
Awww I'm so excited for you!!! I'm going to get my piggies today too! :D
Okay :) and sorry nobody have commented and I wasn't sure what to do and I'm overly excited right now haha :D
Congrats!! You probably don't need to give him a bath. You could take a wet rag, and if that doesn't work it should just wear off with time. Baths dry their skin out badly.
Congrats! Pictures would make a good bump (inconspicuously)...I would wait a bit for baths and nails to let them settle :)
Yay! I cannot wait to see all the cute pigtures!
Congratulations -- can't wait for pigtures! I personally wouldn't wash off the blue dye since it's edible (I'm assuming since it's on the chew stick). You'd have to use a specifically cavy-friendly shampoo. Also my Aby frequently gets a green beard from eating pepper or other very green veg / grass, and it usually works it's way out after awhile. Or at least until the next time she gets something green. Actually she was pink-bearded after a strawberry once, too.

On the nails, I defer to the folks who are better on the issue, but I'd say it depends on how long "too long" is. If it is just a bit, I'd wait. If it they are so long that they are interfering with grooming, could get stuck on things, etc., I'd cut them. I've seen some pretty horrifying long nails where they have curled and inverted so that they are like those super-long human nails and the pigs get damaged soles and can't groom with them and get them stuck in stuff and then yank them out.
Congrats on the new additions!!!

Ditto almost everyone else, can't wait for pigtures!! Even though I saw them on the shelter website lol.
Congrats on the new family members! Can not wait for the introductions (to us *hint hint*:D).
Aww get pictures!!! :D

why would you get scolded for bumping a thread? Surely its better to bump a thread rather than make a new one so people will reply? :S (just being curious :) )
Must caution you about "bumping" your thread. You are likely to get scolded by the Mods.....I've seen it happen to others.

@spy9doc, thanks for sharing that, because I do it ALOT. lol Now I know not to...

why would you get scolded for bumping a thread? Surely its better to bump a thread rather than make a new one so people will reply? :S (just being curious :) )

@jussiecar, I was wondering the same thing.
Thank you guys. The pigs are adjusting a little bit better now, they get spooked if I move too much though. Just sitting at my computer doesn't seem to spook them too much though :D They are really enjoy their evening snack too. They both have very different likes, I find it funny. I will be taking pigtures once they've calmed down a little bit. I've already taken them out a few times today to cuddle and they seem okay. They haven't been drinking or eating pellets though. Just hay and veggies. One did eat a few pellets though. I hung a pair of my worn pj shorts over a grid (where they can't nibble at it) so they can get used to my sent a little easier. I really do love them already though!
As a side note, I weighed them and I'm worried they're overweight.
Isabella (female) is 1075 grams at a year old (almost 2.5 pounds)
and Felix (male) is 1025 g at a year old.
Is that okay?
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