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How Many? I have quite a dilemma...


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Oct 6, 2011
So here's my problem.

I'm going on Sunday to adopt my piggies from the rescue. The application asked if I had an interest in any particular piggies on the petfinder website. I filled in I had an interest in Ginger and Goose (after I found out Precious and Perky were no longer available).

The rescue emailed me today to let me know they have a adopter coming in before me on Sunday who have also expressed an interest in Ginger. They offered to hold her for me since I put my application in first and I am driving almost 4 hours to get to them. However, she will ONLY hold Ginger if I'm 100% certain I will be getting her.

How do I decide without having ever met her? She has the sweetest face and already gets along with Goose because he is currently her cage mate (he's neutered).

Does it seem like I'm destined to have those 2, since I happened to randomly pick 2 out of 33 that already get along?

If I decide to take my chances and give the other adopter the opportunity to meet Ginger and they decide to take her I still have dozens to choose from, so here's another question...

Do you think it would be possible to adopt 2 girls and 2 neutered boys to live together in one 3x5 C&C cage with a 2x3 loft? I feel bad for all the boys since there's twice as many, so if I can give 2 of them a home I'd feel better about my decision. But wouldn't 2 boys with only one girl fight? Does 2 girls with 2 boys fix that?

Who knew this would be so difficult, but I still can't wait to cuddle them in my arms.
Whether you tell them to hold Ginger or not is something you need to decide in your heart. (If it were me, I would say hold her and take the two you've picked out). Am I right she'd be losing her pal if the other family took her? They'd not take Goose? If so, my own decision would be to take both of them. I would not advise you to take four. They are a LOT of work ( I have four so I know!) and you need to get the hang of pig ownership first ! Believe me, there will always be lots of guinea pigs who need homes and you can add to the family in the future.
The rescue requires all pigs adopted have a cagemate. If the potential adopter already has one pig, then they may only take Ginger home as a buddy. If they plan to adopt 2 pigs, they have all the other ones to choose from. So I guess there's a very good possibility that the other adopter wouldn't take both Ginger and Goose.

I really appreciate the advise Duffinvt. I hadn't thought about them being seperated. It was only a fluke that I happened to pick two that are already housed together.
I agree with Duffinvt. I wouldn't want to be separated from my brother, and Ginger probably counts Goose as like a brother to him. I'd be devastated if I was separated from a very close friend or family member. If it were me, I'd take both and save each other the heartache.
The advice about starting with 2 is a good idea. There is always time to get more...lol...I started out with 3 and now I have 6, but that was after 2 years of taking care of 3.
I agree! Start out with two, maybe a trio if you have some small animal experience already, then add more GPs as time goes on.

I think you can only have one neutered male with a set of females. If you get one male and a female you can add more females but no more males.

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see pictures of the guinea pigs you pick out!!
Thanks for all the advice everybody. I really appreciate it.

My original plan was to only get 2 piggies to start with. After I built a pretty huge cage it was my boyfriend who suggested we get 3. He has a kind heart, his thinking is if we have the room to save 3, then why not!

Now I think I'm going to go back down to just 2 for now. There will always be piggies that need rescued and I don't want to get in over my head. This forum is so great! I love coming here with questions because I always get great, sincere, and knowledgable answers.

More more real quick questions so I know ahead of time...Does everyone else agree with @Inle_Rabbit? Only 1 nuetered male per cage with females?
I have heard that having more then one boy with girls can cause fights but, I've also heard that the pigs can be fine and live happily with no fights. I was thinking maybe it's that if there was 2 boys and 2 or more girls they would be fine, but if you only had one girl and two boys there would be fights? :confused: I don't know for sure, sorry...
It's on the guinea pig social life page under the heading "Adding a third". That's where I got my info from. :)

I have quite a dilemma...
You already have two females?
You can add another female or a neutered male. If one female is very dominant, you'll want to try to find a less dominant female.

I have quite a dilemma...
You already have two males?
You can add another male. A younger male is usually a good idea if the pair is adult. If the pair is still young, adding an older male usually works and a young one could work but perhaps not as well as an adult.

I have quite a dilemma...
You already have one female and one neutered male?
You can add another female.

Our advice is based on our experience of combining guinea pigs. The bottom line is one boar per group of females. We have not been able to successfully introduce a second boar to one or more females. It's a combination that rarely works. We have heard of a few cases of this working, but they have been in larger herds which have a significant degree of free-range space. They do not live in traditional cages, large or otherwise.
Hi Everybody,

I wanted to give an update on this thread.

When I emailed the rescue back I told them that if the adopter coming in before me was going to leave if Ginger wasn't available, then I wanted them to take her. I knew I would love all the piggies, so I didn't want to risk one not getting a home.

I'm sad to say that the first adopter only wanted Ginger and left with her, so I never got the chance to meet her. I'm sure she now has a great forever home with a loving family. She went with another little girl named Bridget as her cagemate.

But the good news in all of this is that I came home with 3 beautiful piggies to give a home to. We got home late last night and they were hiding so I haven't gotten pigtures yet. As soon as I get home today I will try to snap a few shots. I can't wait to introduce you all to them.
Yay! Did you end up getting girls, boys or both? Pictures as soon as you can! =D
Yay! Did you end up getting girls, boys or both? Pictures as soon as you can! =D

I got Goose (neutered), who I told you all about before. He's about 1 year old and cute as can be. His new friends are 2 little girls. One is all white with pink eyes. She is 4 months old The other has a light brown face with an all white body and she's 7 months old. Their names at the rescue were Yogurt and Jan, respectively. I'm not a huge fan of those, so I'm waiting until I can come up with something that suits them better.

I'm so anxious to get home to see how they're settling in. And I REALLY can't wait to introduce them to everyone with pigtures!!!
I am excited to see pictures of your pigs! Whenever I read these posts I want to go out and adopt more pigs but my two boys are taking up my time with nursing school thrown into the mix too! When I am finished school I hope to add a third to my pair of boys!
I just wanted to say that things work out for the best. It was very kind of you to let Ginger go to the other family, when you could have insisted on having her yourself. The fact that all of these pigs found good homes really makes me happy ! I am sure, down the road, you will be so in love with the ones you chose, you could not even imagine not having them as your special pals !
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