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UK I have Correx for Sale! Pick up Inverness.


Cavy Slave
Feb 14, 2012
Hey everyone, this is my first post on the forum so I hope it's ok to post this.

Thanks to all the wonderful info on this site we have decided to build a bigger enclosure for our guinea pigs, Timone & Pumba, that we have had for three weeks.

I had to order 10 sheets of Correx at once online, and I probably only need 3 of them MAX.

If anyone is within decent driving distance of Inverness, I am happy to sell the sheets for the price I got them.

I know not everyone is in a position to be able to order 10 sheets at once, plus postage and may only need one, so if that's you, give me a shout!

They are 914x1220 and white.

I am building a 2x4 base, which will use two sheets side by side and cut down to size for the sides. I would have ordered the larger size, so I only needed one sheet for the base, but I didn't fancy paying for 10 upfront and having to store them.

So Just to give you an idea, you will probably need two sheets for a 2x4 base with enough left over for a 1x2 second floor (maybe without sides, I'll let you know how I get on once my grids arrive).

I'm happy to sell it for £7 per sheet.

I'll check back to this post for replies but if you are interested you can also call me on 07515059527

Hope this post is ok, please let me know if it needs moved!

Thanks for the welcome!

I wish I could get pics of them but so far we are just at small amounts of holding and playing peekaboo at veggie time.

Once they are in their new cage I'm sure I can get some better pics!
I can't find correx ANYWHERE. But I doubt we're in the same country as there are very few on this forum from the same country as me..
Anyways, Welcome to the forum :) and I'm glad you decided to make a c&c cage :D
Hi Rachel
Im in Inverurie and would take whatever you have left if you could give me a total price for postage too or i could arrange pick up as my bro works up that way alot .


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