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I have a Sydney!

Bread really isn't the best thing for pigs to have. It's probably fine for a treat once and a while but has WAY to many carbs to be good for them.

Think of it this way. Carbohydrates turn into sugar when ingested. You wouldn't give your pig a bowl of sugar to eat would you?

The bread doesn't have any nutriants that the pig needs if it is getting a healthy diet of good pellets, unlimitey hay and appropriate fresh veggies.

The unlimited hay provides all of the tooth care your should GP need. If you want to give her something else to chew on give her a wood hidey house, cardboard box or a split cardboard tube stuffed with hay as a toy.

She is an adorable pig by the way! You will have to get het to show off her red streak for us.
Okay, I'm always willing to learn. :) And I'll try to catch her "best" side... unfortunately, I've just used up my camera's batteries by taking too many pics of my other piggies annihilating a bowl of greens.

Got a pretty portrait of Zirbel though.
I bought new batteries today.

Streaky pig:

You can clearly see in her pose that she's scared and hates me for doing the evil FLASH! to her. Quite a difference from all those pics I deleted cause all you could see was Bonnie's big nose. *G*
Love the pictures! Her streak is so neat!
Congrats on you new addition, it is funny how things work out huh? Well best if luck, she is beautiful and that name suits her beauty.

Ohh also nice stripe my boy has that also it is on his side and down his leg. But he is a american/teddy mix.
I kept my boy's name, Simon. But I changed Maia and Cali's names. Maia was Jasmine and Cali was Cinderella. I already have a cat named Cinderella.
I like Maia and Cali better. :) Thanks everyone, I'll tell Sydney she's been admired all over the world. *G* By the way, Bonnie still won't allow me to touch her but she doesn't run off anymore when I walk by or when I put my hand into the cage. Considering that in the beginning both she and Zirbel nearly died from panic and terror whenever I breathed or twitched an eyelid, it's a great accomplishment, and I'm proud of my little piggy.
An update on Sydney: I finally made two good pictures, showing that cool red streak (I believe it's red but I'm colourblind, so please tell me what it really is!).
The streak is so adorable! It definetilly looks like orange or red, however you would describe it.
It looks tan orange to me! She is adorable. congrats.
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