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I have a baby Guinea Pig!


Cavy Slave
Jul 5, 2012
Hello, I recently had a birthday and recieved a pet guinea pig. My friend who adopted the GP (Guinea Pig) tried to go through a rescue company but the lady gave her massive problems so she went through Petco. My little guy is named Duncan and is only 2.5 months old. He is very cute. I'm still learning his sounds. He squeeks all the time when he's on my lap, and in his cage, but tonight started shrieking for no reason I could tell. Maybe he's just a baby? I heard shrieking is a way to "call out" for another GP or alert another GP? Is be looking for another GP? Is he bored just walking around on my lap? Also, all he eats is his hay. He doesn't touch his other food unless it's fresh fruits and veggies. He loves his hay! I don't know how much to give him, but eats and eats and eats until there is no more hay. If I take his hay out he squeeks very loud until he gets it back. I should read about it but just making sure I'm doing everything right. He has a toy, he has fresh water and I play with him a few times a day. Thanks!
The shrieking that you hear is most likely what is called a "wheek". It's a very high pitched sound used to summon the attention of humans. It's not used with other pigs so it wouldn't be a sound they would use to alert another pig or call to another pig.

It's likely that he associates certain sounds with food and thus will wheek if he thinks food is coming. You said he doesn't touch other food except fruits and veggies. What other foods are you providing? Keep in mind, most fruit should be given as a treat once in a while and shouldn't be a daily part of their diet.

Since he is under 6 months old, he should be receiving alfalfa to supplement his diet. Either in the form of alfalfa pellets or alfalfa hay.

Guinea pigs are social critters and your pig would appreciate a buddy to pal around with. Please look into adoption. I know your friend was given "massive problems" but it's not supposed to be easy to adopt one. They need to make sure the people adopting will provide a good home.

When you are ready to adopt a friend for your pig, feel free to ask questions about it and gather information about where to look for adoptable pigs, etc.
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