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General I guess this makes six...


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Feb 19, 2014
Walked down the street, under the tunnel and in the bushes.. I saw him... took me awhile to get him, but.. here he is. Hes got something on his nose, I dont want to touch it though, because I don't want to hurt him lol. He's just a baby though..


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So tiny! Wow glad you saved him! I would love to save pigs but no one releases them around me lol
Have you checked if more were around there?
WHAT! I wonder if there are more babies hiding. Good job catching him!
I stood there for almost an hour looking around for others, but he was the only one.. I need some advice for baby piggies! All mine have been adults. I'm going to put him in a pet store cage for awhile, so he can get accustomed here. If no one posts about a missing piggie, I guess I'll be his new mom :)
His white marking is really cool, it looks kind of like a white flame to me. Maybe he was ditched because of his nose thing.
I would hope not :/ he's currently in my lap and eating some lettuce. He's quietly Wheeking.. xD
Tips for babies:
Unlimited pellets until 6 months, he looks tiny so you can guess he was born within a few weeks, 3-5 maybe?
Petstore bars arent that far apart so you might not need to baby proof.
He can eat anything your older boys eat.
He will need parsley for calcium.
He is a cutie! Are you sure he's a boy, and have you thought of any names? :)
I got plenty of pellets, parsley.. i need to go find lol. And I'm 95% sure its a boy. He wouldn't let me check well, but I think I saw something come out.. :D And yes, my mom wants to name him Heart, due to his crested head. So I guess, everyone meet Heart!
Awww so glad you get to keep him! He's a cutie. You can quarantine to be safe but if you think he's not sick you can skip it but that might risk the health of your pigs. :) Keep us posted!
He kept running from me so I took my hoodie off, and cornered him and swooped him up. Cuddled him there, and scanned and checked the area for others. I hope he was the only one..and yeah I agree lol. He looms 3-5 weeks old..
I guess he likes me lol.. he just peed on me xD
He looks super sweet. I'm glad you were able to rescue him.
Oh my gosh, what a cutie! Thanks for catching and rescuing him!
So just an update, Mousey Heart (Mousey) is shy and spends most of his time hiding, which is fine. He has came out at night to eat, he's eaten a bit of Orange, an apple slice and just a bit of celery. We've gotten a few noises out of him, but still no people looking for a lost piggie. So.. I guess if they don't show up by the end of the week, he's mine c:
My baby boy was found outside too. I think he is 6 weeks now. I was thinking he was 3 weeks when I got him. It so sad people let there baby's go. He will be happy with you. :)
Another update - the thing on his nose fell off and no debris was left :)
Glad his nose cleared up! He's a very lucky (and gorgeous) boy!
Hes so cute! Will you plan on introducing him to your older boars?
I do , but not for two months at the latest. I don't have enough room to make them all hopefully cooperate together right now lol. As soon as I get into my *called dibs on already* room, I'll be building the new, pig..mansion lol
Just another quick update, Mousey is quiet but likes to squeal a bit, and will come out when the room is still. Aka, me sitting not doing anything but watching him. Pictures to come :D
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