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Dominance I got new pigs! but.....


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Nov 12, 2011
:) first off i got 2 new baby Pigs awhile back after quartine about 3-4 months old.

Here is the story of these 2 pigs (Vanille and Fang) my friend sadly got them from a pet store and then his parents ended up saying that the animals were stinking up the house. So he gave them to me. Fyi he did take care of them and their cage was clean in was the bedding that smelled.

Next i build a brand new cage for my guinea pigs because my old cage was to small. So now (STAND BACK) my cage is two 8 long and 3 foot width score coroplast together this cage is freaking huge!

My new piggis are very very shy and skiddish and run a lot but the problem is with my boss pig MooMoo she well is very very grumpy durning introductions everything was good intill the babies got scared and tryed to hide under Moo moo and moo moo freaked out and i wanna say nipped at the babies who were WAY to fast to be nipped. So other then that and sense their was no blood i put them all in their new cage but the problem is Moo moo will chase the babies and try to nip at them a lot but sense she is slow she doesn't and the problem again is i dont know if i should do anything about this.Yes their is 2 food bowls and 2 water bottle niether of which are next to each other and everything is brand new in the cage. the babies are eating just fine but they do keep getting chased. O lastly moomoo doesnt rumblestrut at all.

So thoughts? ill try to get pigtures up!
Do you also have two hay piles? Two or even three of everything is a good idea, so that the pigs are able to get their food and water without being chased off by another. Have you been weighing them weekly? If your moomoo is chasing them, she may also be food guarding some, so you'll want to make sure none of the babies are losing weight. I had the same problem with my baby Ro Dah when I brought her in. Phoenix and Godric would try and nip at her but she would move to fast. I thought I might have to separate, but after she hit about 3 months, she kinda became more mature, and stopped running around and annoying the others as much, and she also became able to fight for herself. If someone snaps at her, she snaps back.
so your saying its a waiting game? and yes i 5 mini piles of hay and one big pile of hay but i will put in another big pile of hay right now :D
Well, I bought 2 sisters and one of them died. Gingey went very moody so when I brought Pepper in. Pepper, being younger, acted silly. But now when Gingey is eating, its Pepper being dominant. She defends herself and doesn't let Gingey walk over her, so I guess it is just a waiting game until they mature and learn the ways of the cage.
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