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I got Aslan a little buddy and I named him Wiggles the Squishy, but....


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Jun 2, 2011
Hey everyone!
This post has very good AND very bad news....

The good news: I finally got my adult male guinea pig a little baby boy piggy, who's name is Wiggles the Squishy. (Laugh if you want, I came up with Wiggles, and Nula, my older sister, started calling him Squishy, so.... yeah). He's very sweet and friendly and loves to sleep in your lap on a car ride.

The bad news: I got him from PetSmart. I'm so very sorry, but (not to make this sound like an excuse), there aren't any shelters that I know of where we live. I've always wanted to rescue a guinea pig, all of mine are from pet-stores right now, and I was looking for shelters, but... I'm really sorry, but I just can't take him back now.

I know its really bad to take from pet-stores, and that I could've saved the life of a pig-in-need, but please, don't make me feel any worse than I already am, even though I do love him.
I'm quarenteening him right now (spelling error, spelling error) in my sister's room. He seems okay, except that when I went to check on him this morning, (on the car ride he was sneezing alot, probably because of the bedding he had), he had some white bubles on his nostrils. He's breathing fine, but I was curiouse about that....

So when I'm quarenteening him, am I just sopposed to watch him for about a week (today would be his first day of it), and make sure he seems healthy?

Thanks in advance, I'm really sorry about the rescue thing, I would've if I could've.
BEWARE any moisture on his nostrils. That was literally the only visible symptom, other than very infrequent little sneezes, that my pet store pig Mufasa exhibited, and he died from a URI 15 days after I got him. It wasn't even a lot of snot. His nose was just moist enough for me to notice little bits of hay sticking to it when it dried. Other than that and the rare sneezing, he seemed perfectly fine (ate, active, etc.) until he developed a click in his breathing one night and was death in less than 24 hours.

If at all possible, I would bring him to a vet just to be sure everything's okay. How I wish I could turn back the clock and do that with Mufasa.

Oh, and the quarantine should be three weeks, not one. Be especially diligent since there's a possible sign of illness.
Really do get him to a vet ASAP. Piggies shouldn't have anything coming out of their nose. If nothing is wrong, that will be reassuring and Wiggles the Squishy will have a good baseline check from his vet. If he has a URI and/or other things going on, you'll know right off and maybe can get him fixed up before it gets worse. You may not be able to tell whether his breathing is really okay until he starts really sneezing and hacking and then it may be too late.
OMG I didn't know there was a possible chance he might DIE from it!!!!! How can I help him besides going to the Vet, and what are more syptoms of URI???! Gosh, I hope he'll be okay! Don't worry, I'll see what I can do about the closes and best vet in the area! Okay so it'll be three weeks, got it! I checked on him again and his nose had dried. I think one of Nula's gerbils died from URI when they were pups. Even though I just met him I couldn't bear to loose him so soon! Can you suggest any good vets you know of close(ish) by? I live in Oregon, Nehalem Manzanita.
I just checked on him and he now has small clicks in his voice. Me and mom are now going to take him to the vet, just need to find the right one. I know he's sick now, with URI. Woman at the pet-stor said that he wouldn't be on the ground if he was sick. Either she was lying, he had just gotten sick, or she just didn't know. We're taking him to the vet (not sure which one) right now, as soon as we find one.
Send happy thoughts to Sir Wiggles the Squishy,
The woman at the pet store is either ignorant or lying. I am so glad you are willing to take him to the vet. This link might help:


It has resources that list cavy-savvy vets.

Hope everything is okay!

We're sending you good thoughts and wheeks for Sir Wiggles the Squishy!
I wish you the best of luck! My 3 piggies have URIS :( We caught it before any major symptoms. Hurry and find that vet!
Woman at the pet-stor said that he wouldn't be on the ground if he was sick.
What, they fly through the air when they are sick? Dear god! Ignorant people.

Please hurry to the vet, and keep us updated. Hugs, wheeks, and well wishes from me and my crew!
I have very good news!
We took him to the vet ASAP. But, first we took him to PetCo. You know how you can return him in the fifteen day time period? Well, wense we only got him two days ago, they gave us directions to their vet, and I really really like it! They said they don't get in Guinea Pigs too often, but I like her. Plus, it's alot closer. We got him from the Portland PetCo, but there's also a new PetCo where we live! He's doing alot better!
When we first saw him sick and knew it was URI, he had crusties on his eyes and his fur was kinda greasy, plus his energy was just SO low. But, the funny thing is, he's more relaxed on car rides. He was so relaxed when we brought himm home from Portland they day we got him, and yesterday when we were taking him to the vet. He just lays on my lap like a puppy (although, he is only a baby still). The vet gave us some anti-biodics for him, which we are to give him once a day. He has little sugar rushes so that sometimes he has more or less energy. He's still clicking this morning but not as much, so that's good. And what's really sweet? PetCo covered all the expences.

And thank you all for being so sweet and supportive for me and Wiggles, and I'll keep you updated!
What kind of antibiotics did they give you? Since the vet doesn't see piggies much, hopefully she gave you something like Baytril because many antibiotics are harmful to piggies.

One good thing (probably the only good thing) about one of the Petcos around me is that they use an exotics specialist for their small animals. I know because someone was in there from the Petco when I went to get Borat sexed. Guinea pigs have many idiosincracies in their medical needs that not all vets, other than the cavy savy ones, know.

My piggies and I are sending many good thoughts your way for a full recovery.
Oh, what's it called again?? It's escaped my mind for the moment, but yes I think it was something like Boystril probably. He hasn't been clicking as much this morning, only a little bit. His energy is low but he is eating and drinking, as far as I know. He no longer has any crusties on his eyes, so that's good and I know small animals seem like they are recovering but leave us in the night often, but I can't help thinking that he's going to make it now. He really seems much better, (and I'm sure all the warm thoughts are helping, :D :p).
So glad to hear he's doing better. If it's Baytril, that's appropriate for guinea pigs. Hopefully he's on the road to recovery now.
so glad to hear he is doing better good luck with the recovery and good thing you came along and rescued him from the pet store :eek:
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