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Joy I GOT ACCEPTED TO ADOPT ! Bringing them home?


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Apr 29, 2012
I am so happy.
I don't know when I will be bringing them home, but I'm hoping for Saturday.
It will be an hour long drive there, and an hour back home.
What should I be prepared for when bringing the pigs home?
I was going to use a water proof blanket on the bottom of a box, with some hay and veggies to keep them happy while we drive home. Is this good? they can manage for an hour without water right? I can use watery veggies like cucumber.
Hi, congratulations! That is exactly what you should do, hay and some veg is perfect. Looking forward to seeing the pigtures!
thank you :D I am so excited. It's crazy.
Oh yay! Congratulations! Don't forget to take pigtures! A box will be fine for a one time thing. I hope you'll get a cat carrier or something later, just in case of an emergency.
Congratulations! can't wait to see the pigtures. We've brought lettuce that was just rinsed and put in a ziploc bag when we've gone to get our piggies. That way, we put the lettuce in their carrier and it has beads of water all over it.
OH thats a very good idea :) I can do that too! Thanks for all the support :) and yeah, I'll probably sit beside them in the car, and pet them and comfort them etc. I'm so excited that I get to adopt felix and izzy.
What we did when we brought Junior home was use a laundry basket! The sides were high enough for him not to jump out of and we were able to weave the seatbelt through the holes in the basket so it was pretty secure in the seat. Congrats and good luck!
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