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Joy I got a new piggie!


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Feb 11, 2012
[GuineaPigCages.com] I got a new piggie!

He currently doesn't have a name. My boyfriend is still thinking it up. (he gets to pick since I picked our other one's name)
He will be joining our other male guinea pig, Darth Vader, after the seperation period.
They will be in a 2x4 C&C cage. At the moment he is in a store baught cage since he is a baby.
I love him to death already even though I only held him once so far. ❤️
I want to let him get used to the cage before scaring him with a giant.:crazy:
He also has red pupils. Is that a sign of blindness or something else? They look like normal eyes, just red.
Please double and triple check that he is, for sure, male before putting him with your male.

We have seen a huge influx lately of, "I thought the new pig was male/female but it wasn't and now we have babies".

Also be sure you baby-proof your C&C cage before putting your new pig in. As you know, baby pigs are small and sometimes heads can get stuck in the openings of the grids.

Make sure also that you are supplementing the baby's timothy with alfalfa (in hay or pellet form) until it is 6 mths old.

No, red/pink eyes aren't a sign of illness. That's a normal trait of some pigs.
It's most likely just the pigmet in his eye. Lots of piggies have red eyes.
How about Anakin Skywalker? That would be a nice sense of irony! He's a sweet little fellow.
Red eyes is a normal eye color for guinea pigs. Red, Black, Brown.

If a shined light into the eye reveals a blue-ish/ white effect, then the pig is most likely blind.
If it's red, he's ok.

And I love the name Darth Vadar and I hope you guys go with something in the same theme!
This guy is cute. I love crested pigs
I will tripple check them both for sex. I definitely don't want a pregnant piggie.
@ mufasa: Anakin would be awesome! We are definitely sticking to the star wars theme.
I heard if you take a picture of them and the eye is white in the pic then they are blind. Is it true?
I could also just watch him. lol.
The red eyes mean that he is albino, which is completely normal and won't affect his health in any way.
There's actually no such thing as an albino pig either. White, pink-eyed guinea pigs are just referred to as PEWs.
Red eyes is just a regular eye color for guinea pigs. They either have dark eyes or red/ ruby colored eyes. No need to worry =]

And yes, shining a light in the eye, like from a camera flash, and it showing blue/ white color could mean the guinea pig is blind. Though it isn't recommended to just shine a light in their eyes.
He is very cute! I love his little cowlick...our younger guy, Junior has one on top of his head too!
He is super cute! I like the name Anakin btw.
I was hoping to get one with an adorable cow lick and found this little guy!
My bf is going to give him an ewok name. I hope it suits him well :p
If you want to go with a Star Wars theme, how about naming him Chewbacca and calling him Chewie for short?
The red eyes mean that he is albino, which is completely normal and won't affect his health in any way.

Sorry but no. Red eyes do not mean albino. Albino means that there is no pigment anywhere. Any animal that is truly albino will be white with red eyes. It's not a breed of pig. As jowasaurus said, the white pigs with red/pink eyes are called PEWs (pink-eyed whites).
I've had a Chewie before. He was my first piggie and I had to re-adopt him because we were moving. I regret getting rid of him. He was a sweetie pie
Someone else suggested Obi-Wan, I think that would be awesome with Darth Vader. That's just me though...
I'd name him Boba Fett. The mix of colors and pattern on his face makes it look like he's wearing a mask.

Pic related:

[GuineaPigCages.com] I got a new piggie!
is he an American Crested? He looks so cute. If you want to name him after an Ewok, then call him Wickett! :)
I dont realy know what he is. He might be.
Wickett sounds so cute!
We took him out and held him yesterday and he didnt seem to move much. I think he might have been just scared. Still made me worried.
The Boba Fett thing makes me think of the Robot Chicken sketch where a package is being delivered to Boba Fett's house and the guy pronounces his name "Bob A Feet" which makes me want to name a guinea pig Bob... Bob A Feet! :p
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