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I got a big surprise last night (long thread)


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Cavy Slave
Dec 5, 2004
I left yesterday morning to go to an out of town meeting and got back home around 5:30 p.m. After I got home, I went and checked on my piggerpies and fed them veggies and all seemed normal in the cage. The girls all herded around the veggies and ate. Close to 7:30 p.m., I went in to refill water bottles, refill pellets and give more hay and get pigs for laptime. I noticed only 3 of my girls were out and about in the cage. I moved one of the hidey houses and I got the shock of my life. Chatty was sitting there with 3 brand new pups.

I was trying to figure out how she could have even gotten pregnant because at NO time did I ever let Bubba get in their cage or even have floortime with them. Up until a few days ago, Bubba was in a separate room away from the girls. He now resides in the loft above their cage and has not even attempted to try to climb over the grids. The only thing I could figure out was that my son had something to do with what voodoo and I are calling the "immaculate pigception". This morning after a long talk with him, he finally admitted that he and his friend Danny put Bubba in with the girls for a few hours one day when I was away working on court stuff. They thought it would be funny to watch him hump the girls. They sure didn't think about the consequences of their actions.

So now I have 3 new pups and Moppy is possibly pregnant as well. My other two sows don't feel pregnant and have very soft pliable tummies and no gaps in the pelvic bone while Moppy's tummy is very firm and she does feel like she may be pregnant and there is a slight 1/2 finger wide gap in her pelvic bone. I want to kill my son. The things male teenagers do for kicks might have cost my sow her life and might yet cause one of my other sows her life. He is not to touch or go near any of the pigs. He doesn't even care about them anyways so I still don't understand why he and his friend did it in the first place.

I am really glad I moved the pigs into my bedroom because that is the one room in the house that is off limits to him. I have Chatty and the pups in a 2x2 temp cage and I carry the cage back and forth between the living room during the day and my bedroom at night. I am considering putting Chatty and the pups back in with the other girls but I have to get some cardboard to make the sides of the cage higher for babyproofing. I think the other sows would make great aunties to the pups.

From what it looks like at this point, I think I have two baby boars and a baby sow, but I will be able to better tell as they get older. I took a couple of pictures last night because I know everyone will want to see. I did feel like I was a bad cavy slave last night because this happened and could have been prevented if the kids had left the pigs alone. But I realized that it was one of those "freak" (can't really call it an accident) things that happened and the only thing I can do now is to love and nurture the pups. I don't know if I am keeping them right now, I have to evaluate the money situation to see if I can afford it.

The pups are eating bits of hay and veggies and they run around popcorning like crazy all over the cage. It's so cute to watch them. They haven't touched the water bottle as of yet, but I am sure that Chatty will teach them how to use it and if not, then I will. I gave them some very wet veggies this morning so they would get the water they need, plus they are nursing too.
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Ly...I can't believe you got him to confess! You must have one of the best "scary mom face"'s EVER!

Wishing Moppy strong anti-preggy vibes. And if she is preggy then here's to small litters (like maybe 1 pig baby)

Man alive...they are cute though! As much as none of us want to breed our pigs babies are irresistable.
They are so adorable! I didn't know they started popcorning so early. How cute!

If my son did that, man, would he be in trouble too!!! I say you let him around the cages only long enough to clean all of them! Perhaps that will teach him. Of course he is a teenager, and from what I hear, they don't learn very easy.
No allowance for a month, and ground him!

Or take supplies out of his allowance or something. And if he argues say, "You caused this, now deal with the consequences."

14? I could take him! Bring it on!
They are sooo cute! Can I have the little brown (lemonagouti?) one? Should be no problem shipping her (if it's a she) to Germany! *G*

Seriously though, should your other sow have complications, I would make your son pay for the vet, and if she dies, which I hope VERY MUCH she won't, give him a real good dose of what it means to mistreat animals without thinking of any consequences. Sometimes I'm really glad I have no kids. You'd think they'd develop a brain SOME TIME in their life.

Stupid question maybe, but didn't you notice Chatty growing bigger?
It wasn't a scary mom face, it was threatening to ground him for the entire summer, no video games, computer, phone calls or friends over or going to friends. It was also a lot of yelling. It took over a half hour to get the confession out of him too, but when he realized he wasn't going anywhere at all until I got the truth, he finally told me. Thanks for the anti-preggie vibes for Moppy.

How about I keep the pups and get rid of my son! (evil grin)
Trust me, if anything happens to Moppy if she is preggie, he knows he will have to pay out of his allowance to help. I think the brown one is a boar and voodoo thinks he is what is called a tan. He has the darker brown on his body with a tan tummy and some tan around his eyes. It looks more pronounced around the right eye than the left. I would make him do cage cleaning but right now I am so upset with him that I don't want him anywhere near my pigs at all.
They're so cute! It must have been quite a shock to find them though. But it definitely sounds like you're handling the situation properly. Hopefully your son will learn from his stupidity.
Wow, that's wierd LY. Last night I had a dream that Dagwell mysteriously had pigs. THen a few hours later you post this thread... freaky!
I'm glad the pups and Chatty are doing ok. I hope that Moppy isn't pregnant and if she is that it goes off hitch free. The babies are lucky to be born to such a good mom. They are TOOO cute!!
I am glad you got him to confess Ly. The babies are too adorable.
Stupid question maybe, but didn't you notice Chatty growing bigger?
Sorry missed this question. I noticed a slight increase in weight but Chatty is still fairly young 6-8 months and I thought she was just still growing. The same with Moppy and moppy is about 2 months younger. You couldn't just look at Chatty and tell she was pregnant. She didn't get real big like a lot of pregnant sows do and since I put a folded towel on my lap or chest for laptime, I never felt the babies move and if I did notice slight rippling movement, I thought it was just gas because I usually get them out for laptime after they have veggies. I feel stupid because I didn't notice it, but at the same time, I didn't expect it either. Know what I mean?

Now that I have really looked at Moppy, she does look a bit pear shaped and seems to have small bubbles on her sides. This is a big learning lesson for not only my son with regard to respect for animals but a learning lesson to me regarding that even though I regularly check out my pigs, because I thought there was no way on earth they could have gotten pregnant, I didn't check them for pregnancy. I am also learning about pups and their care.
NP, I added this question a bit later when you had already answered. :) Yes, I understand what you mean - you don't look for what you don't expect. I can't blame you for that (and of course I don't). But I wish you lots of fun with your "immaculate pigception" results. *G*
They are adorable! Good thing you got your son to confess! I hope Moppy delivers ok (if she is pregnant). Good luck with raising the pups.
Ly...I think the 2 boars should be named Diputs Nad and Toidi Sej.

Seems wierd huh...try spelling the names backwards.
*LOL* I like that idea. *G*
Too funny, Voodoo!!!
voodoojoint said:
Ly...I think the 2 boars should be named Diputs Nad and Toidi Sej.

Seems wierd huh...try spelling the names backwards.

Funny voodoo. :p
Aww you poor girl! More piggiepies to deal with :eek:P Oh well... it may be bad to breed but at least the mother is ok and the piggies are healthy! Are you keeping the piggers or taking them to a rescue? Because if I counted right you have 4 sows, 1 boar, and 3 new pigggers (8) and possibly 3 more on the way (11)
I'm sorry that your son had to put you through this. I know that these girls are your precious daughters. I did not know that you had a male piggie. Hey did your mom get the piggie you were supposed to get on GL. If not give her 2 of yours that way she has one. DJ and I rescued 3 piggies over the weekend. They are so cute. 2 long haired males named Moppy and Duster and on abby mixed named Porky the Pig.

This is Porky the Pig
(broken link removed)

This is Moppy
(broken link removed)

This is Duster
(broken link removed)

Mopy and Duste together so brotherly love
(broken link removed)
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