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Joy I found Radley's favorite spot to scratch!! :)


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Mar 14, 2011
Over the past few weeks, I've spent a lot of time with Radley and have gotten to know her very well. She recognizes my voice, lets me reach in and pet her, has no reservations about being picked up (usually), and licks me, constantly! She's actually licking my leg right now :)
The other day, I was scratching her bum when she started to purr loudly and stretch out reaaally long. She rolled over a little bit and stuck her foot out like a dog, danced back and forth on each hind leg and even popcorns sometimes! She'll pocorn constantly when I scratch her "spot" while she's in the cage. At first I thought it annoyed her but she's never tried to nip at me or anything.
I'll try to get a video of it when I have someone else to record. It's TOO cute and I've never seen piggies do something like this!

Anyone else have piggies that do this? :)
Aww that's so cute! When I scratch Ted's spot he doesn't popcorn he scratches his leg like a dog does! hahahaha Gp's are so funny!
My pigs do this, but it's because they're Abyssinian Guinea Pigs so their coat is longer and they have cow lick swirls all over.. I think it's them trying to tell me "stop it feels weird!" because their hairs go in every which way so its hard to NOT stroke the hair against it's natural growth path. They roll onto their sides and try and kick me with their back legs, and they hop around popcorning like a bucking bronco trying to get away from my fingers. :D Its funny, I do it quite often because they look so stupid and it cracks me up. Some mild "torture" for my girls, but it's just too cute ;)
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