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Diarrhea i don't believe this is diarrhea, but the poops are small and somewhat misshapen.


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Dec 6, 2011
my guinea pig, obcy, seems to be letting out a mixture of regular sized poop and small/slightly tear drop shaped poop. i have two guinea pigs, but i noticed the smaller poops are located where obcy sleeps.

seeing as i am beside my guinea pigs' cage most of the day, i haven't noticed any change in her (or elliot's) eating and drinking patterns.

i asked my boyfriend if he has seen any change in drinking. he said, "they both seem to be drinking the same amount as usual, except elliot drinks a little more than obcy."

WOW, i'm an idiot- i have two water bottles in the cage; one is big and the other is small. the big one is located in a hidden area and the small one is out in the open; my pigs tend to show more interest in the hidden bottle.

i tested the small bottle to make sure it was letting out water. it's working fine, so i decided to test the big bottle out. it was hardly letting out any water, because i hooked the bottle onto the cage incorrectly.

my boyfriend fixed the positioning of the large water bottle and it is working properly now. i set both bottles in the same hidden area so my pigs use both of them. i really hope this is the cause behind the misshapen poops and it isn't a deeper issue that requires vet care.

any tips on rehydrating my pig(s) in the mean time? i give them fresh veggies throughout the day.

is there anything else that could cause misshapen poop?

i think if i still notice oddly shaped poops, i'm going to separate my pigs to be sure which pig is having the issue, then i will take one or both of them to the vet.

as an ending note, i just saw obcy taking several sips from the big water bottle.
Usually, misshapen poops aren't the result of too little water. All of them I've ever seen have been more mushy than normal poops, and have gone back to their regular shape when I've either cut back on veggies or cut a troublesome veggie (like cucumber) out altogether.

Another reason for soft/misshapen poops is not enough hay. It's not necessarily that you're not feeding them enough hay, just that they're not eating enough of it. That can be because they don't like it for some reason, or it's a new batch and the quality isn't as good, or they're chowing down on the veggies rather than the hay.

Just keep an eye on them, and if the changes you made with the water bottle don't help, then review their veggie intake to see if you need to make some changes there.
okay, thank you so much.

i will skip their morning veggies tomorrow and i'll just give them hay and pellets. i read on the guinea lynx website that it was a water issue, so i ran to the fridge and gave both of my pigs parsley for some hydration. now i feel bad.

i have noticed elliot is the main hay eater, but obcy does go over to the hay bowl occasionally. what are some alternatives to hay that i can try out, in case obcy has grown bored with timothy hay?

edit: i put more fresh hay into their bowl. they both came over and munched on it.
i don't believe this is diarrhea, but the poops are small and somewhat misshapen.
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No this is definately not diarrhea. It could be impaction and/or boar bum issues. Have you been checking and cleaning their anal sacs regularly? It might be that he has some secretions, hair and hay stuck in there that need to be manually cleaned out. Its very common in unaltered older males but it can happen in younger males who haven't had the best diet.

I hope thats not all the hay they get in a day. I find that my pigs on average eat 1/4 of a lb a day each. They need large heaps of unlimited hay for a healthy system. 1/8th of a cup of pellets each day and 1 cup of veggies each...
no, they get tons of hay throughout the day. i constantly refill their hay bowl all day long, throwing away soiled and old hay.

when i said i put more fresh hay in the bowl, i meant i put extra into their bowl. they had plenty, but they weren't touching it, so i gave them more. you don't need to worry about them getting enough to eat.

and they are sows, not boars.
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Your post #3 sounds like Obcy doesn't eat as much hay as Elliot, and that may be the whole problem. If the poops aren't mushy (i.e., sticking to their feet when they step on them), then don't worry too much about it for the moment.

You might try another kind of hay and see if Obcy likes it better than what you've got. If you're feeding hay from small pet store bags, you may be amazed to see how they go for really good fresh hay from a local farmer or an online source.

What kinds of veggies are you giving them, and how many?
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