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I did it!


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Feb 24, 2011
[GuineaPigCages.com] I did it!

I was able to make a tent thing! Using Mini-Tent Pattern + Tutorial « Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog

It took forever an I had to use my de-threader A LOT, but I struggle through the +4 hours! lol

I didn't have little tent poles, so I used two metal coat hangers c:
Whoa! Good for you!! That looks extremely difficult...It turned out great! :)
Thanks o3o

It was so hard, and it looks... weird @.@
It turned out a lot better than I thought it would though! lol

The hardest part was the door frame, because I don't have an iron and had to smooth it out by running the seam between my fingers repeatedly
It doesn't look weird at all! It looks AMAZING!
Aaw, thanks guys! c:

I do have a question though, do I have to worry about them chewing on the seams at all? They're not fabric chewers, but I've never made them anything where the seams were visible before.
Well done!!!
Awesome job! I seriously have to try this out also. I've been looking for a mini tent! Thanks so much for adding the link to the pattern!
I actually found the pattern in the thread that someone is looking for a bungaloo pattern :D

I broke my sewing machine! It keeps jamming and I don't know what to do D:
I tried switching stitched but it just keeps jamming
If mine jams or if the needle doesn't move when I press down the foot pedal, I found that it works for mine if I twist the big hand knob on the side (Ha, sorry. I forgot what it's called...) towards me a couple of times. It happens frequently where the needle won't move with mine, probably because it's an old machine. It used to be my grandma's sewing machine. :D If it does jam, I use the same method and it will sometimes come unjammed. Maybe it's just my machine, but you don't know if it'll work with yours unless you try! :)
This is amazing. Very well done
It looks GREAT. For poles go to your hardware store (I find them at Rona here in Canada) and go to the piping section. In there you will find piping for fridges, the kind for those water dispensers on fridges. They aren't every big, about 1/4" in diameter. They work AMAZINGLY for things like this.
I really want to make more of these, they look so nice! So I'll probably go buy some poles. I would love to make some to sell and donate some of the money, after cost of supplies, to the Shawano Humane society.

I tried twisting the knob(I have no idea what that's called either, probably just the knob lol) but it still kept jamming. So I called the all-knowing wise-woman down the road, my grandma, and she told me to rethread it and it worked! Grandma's know how to fix everything, even over the phone lol
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It looks great! I want to do this.
Good Job!!!! I didn't know what the knob was called either but it was making me crazy so I looked at a few youtube videos and most called it a hand wheel and the others called it a hand dial.
Very cool. Wish I could sew.
So where is the pictures or better yet video of the piggies enjoying it? :)
This is too cute!! I have a sewing machine myself. But sadly... Straight thread lines is all I can do. I can make simple valances for my windows like no tomorrow! LOL! I'm terrible at anything remotely challenging. I think I need more practice. :silly:
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