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Bonding I Cant lose this Deal


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Jan 3, 2012
ok so i got two guinea pigs for my birthday 2 weeks ago and i have been handling them at least every day to get them used to me. the title says cant lose this deal and that deal is my brother doesnt like guinea pigs and i wont to teach mine tricks he reckons i wont be able to do it, i have 5 months to train them to do tricks if i win i get $50 if he wins well he gets $50. i need help is there any way to get the guinea pigs used to me they always run away but they seem to come out of the hidey hole alot more when i am around
please help i cant lose
I know you want help, but I would NEVER use an animal as the base of a bet. Tell your brother to get off it if he doesn't like Guinea Pigs.

Now, I don't like the bet part at all, you should call it off. :mad: However, as far as the tricks go:

Look on YouTube. Type in Guinea Pig tricks and you can find some stuff. There is a very talented Piggie called MiniPan. You should check her out. She can do circles and whatnot. Simple, but I bet you couldn't teach a dog to circle, honestly.

5 months is plenty of time! For 1 week just pet them don't try to pick them up every time. Week 2 do more picking up and holding and still put your hand in for petting separate from picking up. Keep doing this with in a month or two they will be more used to you (probably) you can teach them to go in a circle for a piece of veggie. Just put it in front of them and move if in a circle. They will get the hang of it and follow. Go slow- I taught my pig in like 3 days- but I've had him for a year.
*this is just a proposed plan no promised perfection :)
lol XD its easy hun. i thought my ppig how to do circles in like 2 days
thanks to the last two comments but to the first comment u live in amercia well i live in australia so we do things differntly over here so next time dont be so sturn on things it is just for fun and the guinea enjoy it very much to
I taught one of my females a trick very quickly. Take a bit of their favorite food and hold it in front of them and keep repeating your command. I say,"do your trick.'" Keep slowly saying it while leading them in a circle or counter clockwise circle. Can't be both or they will get confused. Give them the snack each time they do it right. In a few days, they should do it by just following your finger. Within a week or so, they should do it when you just say the command words. My girl is so trained that when she wants a snack, she starts walking in counter clockwise circles when see sees me. She always does it on command.
Mine were easy to train but I didn't teach them that many tricks. They know circle, stand, and hand-hand (put their paws on my hand).

What I do is cut carrots into tiny pieces and slowly move the carrot in circle. Once they follow the carrot in circle, I give it to them. Stand and hand-hand were easy. For the stand trick, just hold the carrot a little higher above their head so they have to stretch up to get it. Once they learn how to stand, you can teach them hand-hand. Hold the carrot up with one hand under it and move the carrot closer to you so the pigs will put their paws on your hand when they stand up.

These links should help.
hey guys when i pick up my guinea pigs and play with them (floor time) they dont seem to show the whites in their eyes and that is how you tell they are scared but they dont show that is that a good sign they are getting used to me also when my dog sam he is a small dog and he wouldnt do anything to hurt them he loves them he grooms them very cute but any way when he comes around the guinea pigs come and hide on me or snuggle more close inside my crossed legs is that a sign to
Good luck with the bet, hope you win! I dont see anything wrong with it ;)
What kinds of things exactly would your brother consider a trick? My piggies have figured out that their big box of hay is stored under my desk, so every time they even hear me sit down in my computer chair, they get up from the opposite end of the cage where they usually sleep and run over to the part that is adjacent to my desk. When I reach down to get them a handful of hay (I just can't resist!), they race back to the other end of and jump into their hay/kitchen area (it is pet store cage attached to the C&C one in an L-shaped attachment). It is really funny to see, especially sometimes when they jump simultaneously side-by-side. Does that count?
he thinks a trick is circles jumping which i think is bit dangerous for guinea pigs cause their back and coming when called like a dog and my brother is pretty stupid and thinks they should do a back flip like G - force
Sounds like your brother is making rules designed so that he will win, as if this is all a joke to him. And in such case, I truly hope that it's not a joke to you. I would take the advice of those who posted if you'd like a healthy way to bond with your guinea pig. The tricks must be safe and within the boundaries of what is possible for the animal to do. Having your dog (however tiny) around doesn't help you train your animal. Guinea pigs are prey animals, meaning that they are instinctively afraid of any animal bigger than them, whether in the wild or in a household. If you keep the dog away from them when you train them it will go a long way to earning their trust.
thanks alot guys my guinea pigs are excited in away i think
Mine will stand for treats. :)
I would say,reward them with a lot of treats!!!!
Especially some veggies :)
Once your guinea pigs get used to you a very handy trick is to get them to climb on your lap when it is time to put them back in their cage. This way you don't have to chase them around to catch them. This will take time and they must really trust you, but with patience I bet you could do it. Start out spending some time sitting with them in a secure play area. When you think they are ready put some food on your lap. Once they are comfortable with that start changing position so you are sitting on your feet and encourage them up onto your lap with a favourite veggie. This position makes it easier to get up, at least for someone as old as me. When they are doing that willingly give them a command like "Back to your cage", and once they are on your lap scoop them up and put them back in their cage. I put a fleece blanket on my lap so I scoop them up in the blanket. It sure beats having to catch them.
hey guys one of my guinea pigs cornflake is progressing really well to everything but the other one nibbles it not so well she wont even eat a small bit of carrot out of my hand not even when she is really hungry and my brother wont let me with draw her
help me what do i do
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