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Rehoming I can't give them the happiness they deserve. (Pics Included)


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Jan 18, 2012
I live with my parents and I only have one room to myself. You could imagine it is pretty small. I see all you with your amazing customized C&C Cages and it breaks my heart that I do not have enough room to do the same for my pigs.

Would a C&C Cage as big as a pet store cage make them happier? I will do everything in my power to give them what they want with the limited space I can offer them


P1030647.jpg P1030642.jpg P1030644.jpg
There would really be no point in making a C&C if it's going to be no bigger than the pet store cage. I suggest checking out the Midwest habitat from petco.com or petsmart.com (please try to find it elsewhere if you can and don't give these stores your money. I only mention them because I know you can find them on their sites). I have a small room as well and made it work. If you really can't give them a bigger living area, it is in their best interest to rehome them. :sorry:
I plan to hok my piggies store bought cage onto the new, bigger cage I'm making. So even if you just add another cage to this one, it should be big enough. Until then, lots of floor time will help. Do you just have 1 piggie?
I plan to hok my piggies store bought cage onto the new, bigger cage I'm making. So even if you just add another cage to this one, it should be big enough. Until then, lots of floor time will help. Do you just have 1 piggie?

My boyfriend had that exact same idea. Let me know how it goes for you and I will deffinetly do it.
I have two pigs. If you look in the first picture (of them in their huts) Lizzie is on the right in the bigger hut, and Nibbler on the left in the smaller hut.
There are ways to make a C&C cage work in a small room!
my bedroom is a little more than 9 feet by a litle more than 10 feet.. SMALL, a closet pretty much.. in it I have my twin sized bed, a bedside table, a wide beuro with a large mirror, another beuro, roll top desk and chair, small foot wide bookshelf AND I have a C&C cage thats 2x3, a large store bought cage (a piggy my other two dont like :sad:) and two small fish tanks with two hamsters. my room is a zoo! lol With it all, it doesnt necessarily look pretty but I've given them adequate space to live in. I dont even have shelves in my room!
but what I did with my C&C cage, is I built it, and with the left over grids, I attached them to lift my cage off the ground so the pigs are at a good level for me to reach them, nd there's shelves underneath to store other items I had around my room that took up space.
And maybe go through and look at what you really need and don't need to have in your room. You might be able to remove many items you don't have use for and create some more space!

OR if youre feeling up for the challenge, try building a 'bookshelf" type of cage that I have seen in the photo albums on this site. Its much more visually pleasing to the eyes, and as long as it's a bit longer and deeper than your average bookshelf, you can make up for lack of space by using ramps to connect each shelf so the pigs have many different levels! Just be sure to do the research and find guinea pig friendly woods to use and glues and such, don't want to go through all that then end up hurting your little guy :(
I just want to clarify that building vertically does not account for proper or recommended cage sizes from this website, and is not recommended to alleviate the issue of only having room for a tiny cage.

The recommended cage sizes are for continuous, uninterrupted floor area. You cannot stack multiple 2x2s, for example, and expect it to be enough room. If you choose to build vertically, you still need to provide at least one floor of continuous floor area that meet the standards of this website.
Building the cage higher and as big as possible with shelves made out of cubes is a GREAT idea. You can use the under shelves to house piggie supplies and food but you could also use the shelves to store books (eliminating the need for a book shelf) or anything else you might have in your room. It sounds weird, but maybe if you post a picture of your room we could help you figure it out.
I will post pictures of my room that I have taken awhile ago. My room is pretty much the same, rather where the keyboard, guitar, etc has been replaced with the current cage.


room1.jpg room2.jpg room3.jpg room4.jpg
It looks to me like you could fit at least a 2x3 - but probably a 2x4 - at the foot of your bed, either against the bed or against the wall where the keyboard and guitar were. If not there, you could move the two sets of storage drawers further apart and put a board across the top, making them into a stand for a C&C cage. I hope you can keep your piggers.
I have a couple of ideas...

First off I agree with @HolyCowBunny that it looks like you can fit a 3x2 or a 4x2 in the space where the key board is/was.

Second what about a hutch for your desk that would get some of that stuff next to your bed put up and clean the floor space for a cage there?

Third what about a loft bed? It looks like you could use the extra space regardless of the need for a bigger guinea pig cage. You can find them for cheap on Craig's list all the time. I believe you have some nice colleges in your area so there should be a flood of them as it gets closer to the end of the semester. You could put a comfy chair under there or your desk, the guinea pig, ect. There are so many options.

Forth: Do you have an IKEA near you? Even if you don't buy anything there the ideas for small spaces are awesome. Just take a look at their website. A lot of times you can find their products on Craig's List for half the price.

Best of luck!
I hear you about a small room!!! Mine looks about the same size as yours! I have a full size bed, desk, dresser, 30 gallon fishtank and stand and a 3X2 guinea pig cage.

Maybe move the grey chests to where the cage is now, and then put the cage there? Or try some underbed storage totes for the things that are in the gray chests. I have four under my full size bed, one for fish stuff, one for blankets, one for cross-stitch stuff and one for food that I wanna keep for me, like soda etc.

Another idea for you, really helped me, is hanging most of your clothes, your dresser is smaller than mine ha, but it helped me eliminate one whole dresser haha. They have 'space saver' hangers which I love!

Hope you can keep your piggies!
I appreciate all your guy's opinions and suggestions. Thank you very much :) but it is 10:34 PM and there is nothing I can do at this time so I will continue to work at it and I refuse to give up. So when things start to look up and changes have been made in my room, I will post new pictures and you guys can continue to give me your opinions.
Merci beaucoup tout le monde!
Yes, I was kind of thinking what Inle said, just on a smaller scale for lifting the bed. Get those bed lifter things from walmart and shove as much of your stuff under there as possible. I think lots of people forget to use the space under their bed as storage. Of course, with Inle's idea it would be livable space for you or the piggies. With my idea it would just be storage space. And it does totally look like enough room for a 2x3 or 2x4 at the end of your bed.
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