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C&C I can't find cubes


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Jun 3, 2012
I can't find cubes that the grid is small enough. Has anyone ordered online from Target? They have these advertised, and it looks like 9 across, but in the store they were only 5 across.

(broken link removed)
I ordered from Walmart online and had them shipped to the closest store to me. They were the proper size and it did not cost me anything extra.

Never tried target.
Ugh! Still searching. Kmart has them, but only in black, and we'd like white. The Walmart near us is closing, and re-opening a new store, so they didn't have any in stock. I may just have to order, but I was hoping to find some locally so that I can get them in it soon. I haven't checked anywhere else yet. I can go to BB&B tomorrow...
You could buy the white one from Amazon and have it shipped. I think it qualifies for free shipping if you add other products so it reaches $25.
I just asked on Facebook if anyone had any. I found some on Craigslist, but they had been sold and the ad wasn't removed. If I don't find any locally, I will order from Amazon or Walmart.
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