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Fruit I cant find any info


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Cavy Slave
Mar 3, 2010
I was looking on the charts and forums and cant find if grapefruit is ok for the piggers.. I was just eating one and I showed my boy what I was eating and he took off with the quarter rind,so took it back right away but now dont know if this is something he can have.He looks like in the second he had it he took a chew off the grapefruit but nothing huge..Pls can someone tell me can he have this? It seems hes running around the table wanting it so maybe I found something new :) heres to hoping..he really wants some
Yep. Our girls have had it before but like all fruit they shouldn't get too much.
Can they have the rind and grapefruit or just one or the other? Hes soo happy hes smelling it right now but told him 2 more minutes till I see what u can have lol..now hes chasing me.
Just give him the fruit. If you wouldn't eat the rind, don't give it to the pigs. :)
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