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Upper Levels i cant decide on kitchen area

Sl and S

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Feb 16, 2012
ok so im stuck between either making a 6x1 second level or 3x2 or 2x2. which wouldnt need support on the bottom? i really dont want to have to clean around anything. also which would a guinea pig prefer in your opinion, more width or more length?
any opinions?
I think that they would prefer more width to run laps, and they need more than one grid deep to do so. So if you could, I would do a 6x2, as a 6x1 would be long, but not wide enough to run laps in.

I would rather have a single level if you were to build a C&C that large. Just my opinion.
i am not making a 6x2 bc itd be impossible to clean. the main purpose for the upper level is to keep the food, water bottles, vegies, and hay up there. plus itd be fun to make.
I personally don't like upper levels for me they are a pain to clean the bottom XD but if really wanted to cause everyone must experiment with upper levels at some point ;) I know I did! I would go for 3x2.
They say that that they second level does not account for part of their running space
and if it is such a pain to clean why have it
I'd go with either 1x6 or 1.5x2. Anything larger than that would make it harder to clean underneath. Unless you make a door on the bottom level, you can make the top larger.

For support, look for something that won't need to be in the way on the bottom level. Go to the photo gallery and search for "reinforcement". It will show a pic of cage that's supported by 2x2 lumber.
will i need it? ive seen a lot of pics where they didint need it.
I had a 6x1 loft on one of my cages and it was a pain to clean. I had to get in the cage and lay on my stomach to get to the back corner and the support DID interfere with their running laps. However, it does provide them with a LOT of hiding places. Try it out and see how you like it. The nice thing about C&C cages is that you don't have to fully commit to a design unless you cut the coroplast. My cage is now 3x7 with a 2x1 kitchen area off to the side and I LOVE IT (and so do the girls) and it is SO easy to clean!
They say that that they second level does not account for part of their running space and if it is such a pain to clean why have it
If the lower level is large enough, upper level is a nice addition. My pigs enjoy them.

will i need it? ive seen a lot of pics where they didint need it.
You can try without it first and see if it's strong enough. Use lots and lots of zip ties. If you need to add, this is the support I was talking about. It won't take up any running room and won't interfere with cleaning under the loft.

[GuineaPigCages.com] i cant decide on kitchen area

[GuineaPigCages.com] i cant decide on kitchen area
i love your idea what is the measurements of the wood and how did you get it in there?
That's not my cage, it's from the gallery. I used that idea when I had a loft.
2x2 lumber is actually 1x5 x 1.5 inches. Most lumberyard will cut to the length you need. It fits right into the holes in the grids. You'll have to slide it through. What I usually do is slide the wood into the grids I need supported first before connecting to the rest on the grids.
if i do the support ill have to use pvc pipes instead haha. now if i wanted to change my cage to a 6x3 is that possible if i already cut the coroplast but im buying more? so i guess im asking can you add on coroplast? then id do a 6x3 with a 2x3 loft if i have enough coroplast.
You can tape your coroplast together with duct tape or packing tape. Make sure the tape is not exposed to your pigs.

I usually don't bother taping them since I can get a new 4x8 ft. sheet for $10.
I dont like coroplast, I use a tarp and i was thinking about a second level but not sure how i would do it. Since i didnt want to use coroplast.
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