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i cannot stop crying... i love you me lil piggy


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Sep 14, 2011
it was all my fault that he died.
if it wasn't me focusing on my computer and not giving him a cuddle,
he might not die, at least not now.

i gave him a bath yesterday because he was really dirty.
and then everything went worse.
he cannot even stand properly. he kept falling.
we brought him to the vet and the vet told us that he is dying.
We can either keep him alive, or just let him pass.
We don't want him to suffer - i know it will be really painful. So i let him go.
i really don't want to , i was crying and crying...but i know that's the best for him......i know he is not feeling well.

i looked at him body and he was such a cutie. he was soft but cold. he was lying on his side. i leaned down and i whispered :"i love you".

i'm so sorry mama bear was not a good mama but i promise you i will take care of your wife and children so please be happy in the gp heaven and find a new mates so that mama do not have to worry about you here ok? promise?

mama bear that always loves you here.

P.s. the sky is raining with me
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I'm so sorry! Did the vet try to find out what happened?
I am very sorry for your loss :love:
I'm really, really sorry. When my Honey died it was so painful. She was sick all along and I simply took her out to clean her up (she had really bad diarrhea). I put her back and then she started having seizure after seizure. She was rushed to the vet, given IVs, and everything possible. She passed away at 2AM that night. For a while I put such blame on myself. I was saying "if only I didn't pick her up...maybe she wouldn't have been stressed out". But, then I came to accept that it would have happened anyway.

When a guinea pig is going to pass on, it will happen. It doesn't matter what you do, what you didn't do, it was going to happen anyway.

Are you going to have a final goodbye? I know my Honey had a little funeral where my whole family got to say goodbye. We pet her little body, said our final words, and buried her in a box with white fabric and a white cross. It was a very sad time, there were lots of tears, but it was a good thing. We had that final goodbye, and those final words put us all at peace.

It's going to be hard getting over this but you can't blame yourself. Passing on is a natural part of life, and if your piggie was sick and hurting it is better that he is out of that pain now. As difficult as it is, just keep thinking that your piggie is in a better place.
I am so so sorry about your piggy. I know what it's like to lose a pet you love and it's never easy. he is in a better place now with all the veggies and hay he can eat. Again I'm so sorry about your loss.
we do not have a backyard, so we have to leave his body at the hospital and they will take care of it.
me, my sister and my mom was beside him all the time. he was being put down because the vet recommends that that would be the best for him. we were all there holding his little paw as he falls asleep.
I am so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you were able to be with him as he crossed the rainbow bridge.
I am so sorry for your loss. Please do not blame yourself. Piggies are so good at hiding illness.
By the time you notice it, it can be to late. You loved your little man, that is very obvious.
Otherwise, you wouldn't all have taken him to the vet and stayed with him.
Take comfort in the good times you had with him. He is now waiting for you at the rainbow bridge. He is happy and whole now.
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