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I am stupid and about to have baby piggies


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Dec 9, 2011
As I sit here and read about people having mis-sexed piggies I never thought to check my own 4. The people I got them from said they were girls and of course I listened to them. As Im changing the cage today the pig that I got 2nd is looking very huge and pear shaped so I check the sexes of the other 3 and yup 1 was a boy. I found a very nice family for him and now it is a waiting game as to when the babies will be born. I just ordered 25 lbs of blue grass and 25lbs of timothy pellets from KMS so they will be put aside for a while and a new order of alfalfa is going in tonight as the petcos and petsmrt around here have crap for hay and pellets mostly all kattee brand. Will they be ok with the KMS that I have until the new order comes in or should I feed them the lower quality? I will be putting extra grids around their 2x6 cage tonight to make the holes smaller and making a new 2x3 cage that is the size my extra piece of coroplast is for any boy babies that may be born. Am I ok leaving all 3 girls together with the babies as I am sure all 3 are probably pregnant? God I feel so stupid.
You need to have a better opinion of yourself. This is the second thread I have read where you have called yourself stupid. Stupid isn't the right word, uninformed might be a better one. We are all on this forum to learn more about guinea pigs and to share our experiences. This should be a positive place. You made a mistake about your guinea pigs' sex, it happens quite a bit but that doesn't make you stupid.

Your girls should do fine together. Female pigs make good aunties. It is very possible that all 3 are pregnant. Guinea pig gestation is around 59–72 days so right now it is a waiting game. Get a small food scale and start weighing your pigs every morning before their breakfast. A steady game in weight means they probably are pregnant. Get a good exotic vet lined up in case of emergency. I'm not sure about the hay question, I just don't know enough about guinea pig nutrition so someone with more experience with pregnant piggies will have to answer you. The boy babies will have to be separated from their mama at 3 weeks of age.

Cheer up. Stay positive. =D
Holy cow! Don't worry. Things like this happen. Just learn from it and you will be fine! :)

They should be fine with whatever hay you have now. They need a grass hay anyways so don't withold any grass hay from them. You can add some alfalfa to the hay you have now to supplement it, or you can just give them extra veggies higher in calcium. You could also give alfalfa pellets if you would rather. I would assume all are preg, though hopefully (somehow) that's not the case. Start weighing all your sows daily if you haven't already and be on pregnancy watch.
Any boys will need to be separated at 3 weeks of age.
Good luck! Keep us posted!

Edit: Sorry if I repeated anything that Inle_Rabbit said. I guess she posted right before I did! lol
LOL thanks for the support and I know Im not stupid I was just frustrated with myself. We will take it in stride and find them all good loving homes once they are born and old enough. I have learned and do know for sure that the 3 that are left are females and I will be checking and rechecking the babies sex once they are old enough to tell. Another question do the grids need to be higher or just closer together for the babies?
Babies can fit through the holes of the grids so you need to either make the coroplast higher so the babies can't jump out or over lap grids so that the holes are smaller and babies can't fit through them.

@ellisa - That happens to me all the time! I'm usually typing, get distracted by kids or dogs or husbands and then by the time I finish my post 4 other people have already answered. lol
Another question do the grids need to be higher or just closer together for the babies?

I recently dealt with your same issue (was told guinea pigs were same sex- they weren't!) and was told to make the sides higher. Here is a quote from the homepage of Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy At Home :

"*Warning: Babies, very young or very small guinea pigs, and pregnant mothers require some temporary additional height on the sides of the cage (it's easy to do). In addition, any wire hay rack should be used with caution with very small guinea pigs. See the Cage Safety page for instructions and suggestions."

Here is a video on babyproofing that someone shared with me that I found informative as well:
Baby Proofing Cages! - YouTube
Interesting video...I would like to know who made that...there seems to be more than one pregnant pig in there.
thank you for posting this thread! we are new to gp's and have 2 females from pet stores who didn't separate sexes, so i'm doing what i can to be prepared. this has been very helpful...especially the video (should we have any babies coming).
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I am going to try and keep a baby from each mom :)
Interesting video...I would like to know who made that...there seems to be more than one pregnant pig in there.

It is someone on youtube who had a couple accidental pregnancies with one of her male pigs breaking into her females cage. Two of her pigs got pregnant. All of her guinea pigs are rescues too. That's all I know based on her other videos.
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